CASTOR 218 219 upgrade feature highlights

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The highlights of 2.1.9:

 - checksumming for Gridftp internal
 - gridftp internal using xroot
 - renamed all daemons coherently
 - replaced DLF protocol by syslog
 - B/W improvements, with admin users separated from end users
 - dynamic thread pool support
 - All code related to CASTOR1 has now been removed. RFIO_USE_CASTOR_V2 environment variable is thus obsolete
 - new test suite
 - DoS protection: rolling window for rhservers
 - stager_rm canceling Put/Get requests if they have not yet been scheduled

The highlights of 2.1.8 (everything is already in 2.1.8-7 unless specified)

 - end to end file checksuming (RFIO/XROOT) : End users can preset checksums before transfering a file
 - xroot protocol with possibly non scheduled reads
 - draining tools
 - new monitoring
 - improved repack, able to stand major repacking exercises
 - most daemons not running as root anymore
 - improved stream policy API
 - replication on close
 - basic user space accounting
 - VDQM2, with ability to run concurrent servers
 - cross stager file consistency
 - support of OFFLINE libraries in vmgr
 - SLC5 support for diskservers
 - multiple stager support for multi files request (>= 2.1.8-13)

(based on infomation provided by Sebastien Ponce, 11/2/10)