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This page is out of date. I'll update it when I get a chance, but don't use it for now.


DPM Sources

CVS Repositories


DPM sources are avaliable from CERN's anonymous CVS system. To check it out set:

 export CVS_RSH=ssh                                                              
 cvs co -r lcgX_Y_Z LCG-DM

Where X_Y_Z is the DPM version number to check out. (Unless you're doing bleeding edge DPM development, it's best to use the last stable release.)

DPM gsiftp

The sources for the DPM gridftp server are in a different repository:

 cvs co -r lcgX_Y_Z DPM-FTP

N.B. The version numbers of the DPM gsiftp server don't necessarily correspond to those for the rest of the DPM source code.