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Sites' Task outline

1) Check weekly to ensure that GridPP sites are publishing accounting data

- Using the Sub-region vs VO view on - On the LHS Click EGI View and then NGI_UK NOTE The gantt chart view does not seem to be available on the new accounting portal here:

2) Follow GridPP site accounting issues in GGUS - Your email address will be included in cc on tickets

3) Represent GridPP interests in the HEPiX benchmarking working group -

Running the HEPSPEC benchmark is described here:

4) Monitor results in the Tier-2 accounting period and escalate any issues -


The basis for storage accounting is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the Storage Accounting Record. EGI has come up with a specification for how these should be published, which boil down to:

  • Group MUST exist and MUST be set to VO name.
  • Site MUST exist and MUST be set to GOCDB name for site.
  • Capacity Fields MUST exist (although not all publishers honour this?)

This accounting data is written within a <StorageUsageRecords> ... </StorageUsageRecords> into a file; the site should then run SSM which will pick up the data and send it to APEL.

Note also that the Information System can publish accounting data.

Other thoughts from F2F@QMUL...

  • Working on trying to understand where future accounting is going (and report to Ops Team). (See point 3.) Know what is coming up in changes to APEL.
  • Look for ongoing issues and discrepancies and investigate ways to fix.
  • Document different ways to set up clusters and accounting.
  • Keep hassling people to update benchmarks on Wiki.
  • Is it worth working much on APEL given that LHC VOs are doing their own thing? Probably yes, if only in order to have basis for international comparison.

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