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Count list for minute taking

Works top -> bottom. Vidyo meeting = 1: F2F meeting = 5 (count - last time minutes taken in brackets)

Minutes can be found at: Operations

Alessandra Forti (15 - 25.10.16)

Andy Washbrook (1 - 29.11.16)

Andrew McNab (15 - 27.09.16)

Andrew Lahiff (1 - 6.12.16)

Chris Brew (1 - 7.2.17)

Daniela Bauer (16 - 06.06.2017)

Dan Traynor (15 - 20.12.16)

David Crooks (15 - 14.06.16)

Duncan Rand (16 - 15.11.2016)

Elena Korolkova

Gareth Roy (15 - 4.10.16)

Gordon Stewart (1 - 13.12.2016)

Govind Songara (1 - 17.1.17)

Ian Loader (1 - 9.5.17)

Ian Neilson (1 - 24.1.17)

Jeremy Coles (15 - 12.01.16)

John Bland (1 - 31.1.17)

John Hill (1 - 07.03.17)

Kashif Mohammad (16 - 25.04.17)

Matt Doidge (18 - 04.04.17)

Oliver Smith (1 - 14.02.17)

Winnie Lacesso

Pete Gronbech (16 - 21.02.17)

Raul Lopes (14- 05.07.2016)

Raja Nandakumar

Robert Currie (1 - 10.1.17)

Robert Frank (1 - 02.05.17)

Steve Jones (18 - 11.07.17)

Sam Skipsey (15 - 31.05.16)

Terry Froy

Vip Davda (1 - 21.03.17)

Brian Davies (16 - 16.05.17)

Action list

Please put the new issues at the top.

Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes

O-170711-01 May take over as GalDyn contact. Robin Long (Lancs) Open
O-170711-02 Look into why scheduling at Sussex does not allow GridPP Dirac since 12th June at Sussex Jeremy Maris Open
O-170711-03 look at help for CERNAtSchool to run GPU jobs. Dan Traynor, QMUL Open
O-170711-04 Check if gridpp support list membership is good enough so clients get responses. Jeremy Coles Open
O-170711-05 RAL should review accounting, problems at every step. Multiple queues not accounting well. GGUS ticket to come. Andrew Lahiff Open The problem is well understood - jobs running at RAL which use Echo are considered by ATLAS to be a separate Tier-3 site, and not part of RAL-LCG2. RAL APEL accounting of course includes both Echo and CASTOR jobs.
O-170711-06 To find explanation of network monitoring problems, esp. why no data after Liverpool Perfsonar re-installed. Duncan Rand Open
O-170711-07 Help JM (Sussex) with updating PerfSonar to C7 with data transfer procedure (and perhaps give Iperf3 box that he can play with. ) Duncan Rand Open
O-170131-01 Enquire if Docker is run in privileged mode at IISAS-GPUCloud. Jeremy Coles Open
O-170124-01 Create wiki table tracking recommendations for sites from Jan-17 ATLAS jamboree (https://indico.cern.ch/event/607462/contributions/2448017/attachments/1400779/2137726/JamboreeJan2017.pdf) Sam for storage, Alessandra Open Page created, there are several things accumulating about storage needs discussion.

O-160524-02 Look at the storage page on the GridPP wiki to see if it is up to date Sam 2016-06-30 Open (not high priority)

O-160920-01 Sites to review adding modeal VO. All sites. 04-10-16 Open Sites are asked to consider supporting moedal VO at Tom's request. Good opportunity to look at supporting cernatschool (or other VOs) too. https://operations-portal.egi.eu/vo/view/voname/vo.moedal.org

O-161108-00 Review VOs in Incubator page, in an attempt to make the process less sisyphean. Many 31-01-17 Open https://www.gridpp.ac.uk/wiki/GridPP_VO_Incubator - Could we archive the completed items on this page ? Not sure they are useful, except for writing the odd bit of funding please. T2K should be added back to this list, Sno+ contact details should be changed to David Auty, SKA to be added to the list. All VOs should be double checked, contacts re-poked if necessary and possibly the status as a Incubator VO re-evaluated. The exceptions seems to be LZ - who are doing well.
  • From 24th January:
  • ACTION: set up table for storage to track recommendations.
  • ACTION: Request for sites to publish storage accounting.
  • ACTION: JC to contact fusion VO admins and confirm.

See also: Operations Team Completed Actions and Operations Issues . (The Operations Issues page has never been used. Can be abandoned ?)

See also the archived: Deployment Team Completed Actions and Deployment Issues .