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Count list for minute taking

Works left -> right. EVO meeting = 1: F2F meeting = 5 I've now added the last time minutes were taken in brackets.

IN: Raul=11 Dan=12 Kashif=13 (08.12.15) Alessandra=13 AndrewM=13 Ewan=13 Sam=13 (13.10.15) Daniela=13 (20.10.15) Duncan=13 (10.11.15) Brian=13 (17.11.25), Pete=13 (16.02.16) Matt=14 (26.01.16) Gareth=14 Stephen=14 (15.12.15) , David=14 (19.01.16) Jeremy=15 (12.01.16)

OUT: Mark=6 Chris=9 Wahid=11

Minutes can be found at: UKI-ROC agenda

Action list

Please put the new issues at the top.

Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
O-160401-01 Add the words "DON'T PANIC" in large friendly letters to the front of the website Tom 2015-12-07 Closed 2015-12-07 Part of new user community strategy. The new website now has a "Start here" button which guides them through the site features.
O-151215-01 List LZ sites - https://www.gridpp.ac.uk/wiki/GridPP_VO_Incubator#LZ Elena or Daniela In progress Discussed 15-12-2015

O-160116-01 Jeremy to follow up about making glue alarm not critical Jeremy In progress Pass on feedback to ask for glue alarm to be made non-critical [referencing https://ggus.eu/?mode=ticket_info&ticket_id=118930]

O-150929-01 LZ UI support Oxford, Liverpool, UCL/Duncan In progress Sites to add support for the LZ VO to their UI configurations, Oxford is recommending using the UI in CVMFS but this needs to be tested. (ongoing)
O-150818-02 new VOs strategy, tests, timeline Catalin, Jens, Sam, Ewan, Tom Paul, JC, PG, TW 18-08-2015 In progress, 27-10-2015 Please add milestones etc. as appropriate for all new VOs, as well as LIGO (created as separate action but could just be merged with the LIGO one?). Vos discussed in the meetings, but this issue has not progressed. (Should it ? Sounds like a lot of administrative overhead - Daniela) Ewan points out, that this is not "one size fits all". Wiki set up: https://www.gridpp.ac.uk/wiki/GridPP_VO_Incubator . Think of a name (not involving incubators or guests) for this process. Note: I suggest 'Client VO Process', as they are a client of a regional VO. New VO reps to update the status entries on the above wiki and subscribe to our support list.
O-150327-02 Put Northgrid VO and other regionals in VO Nagios project Kashif, Alessandra 27-06-2015 on going Discuss whther all the regional VOs should be in this project. All four regional VOs should be supported in VO Nagios in principle, but implementation is not urgent. There is now less emphasis on the regional VOs and it is technically dificult to add them due to the lack of current support of the SAM nagios project and the wish to not beak the existing setuop. On hold as of 19/1/2016
O-150327-03 Lukasz (Bristol) eager to get HTC CE docs Lukasz, Jeremy 27-06-2015 on going JC to facilitate via contacts at Cern. ACTION. Update 19/1/2016, Lukasz noted progress in background, puppet module for HTC CE, changes to run it included in HTC 2.0, from last week. Next time have timeslot will follow up.
O-150310-01 LIGO strategy, tests, timeline Catalin, Jens, Sam, Ewan, Tom Paul 29-05-2015 In progress: no news as of 20-10-2015 Wiki page created (for all new VOs) here. Please add milestones etc. as appropriate.
O-160126-01 State UK Position on CPU publishing in the NGI's ticket on the matter, or the parent Jeremy, Matt 01-02-2016 In progress NGI Ticket https://ggus.eu/?mode=ticket_info&ticket_id=118930, Parent Ticket https://ggus.eu/index.php?mode=ticket_info&ticket_id=118932

See also: Operations Team Completed Actions and Operations Issues . (The Operations Issues page has never been used. Can be abandoned ?)

See also the archived: Deployment Team Completed Actions and Deployment Issues .