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Ten Easy Network Questions

Ten Easy Network Questions is a document prepared by Robin Tasker (r.tasker at as a tool for helping sites understand their networking in advance of Service Challenge 4. From the introduction:

This document is targeted at each GridPP site and specifically to those with responsibility for networking issues. It is intended to be brief and light-hearted but is provided as a challenge with the purpose of ensuring that the reader really understands their local network and, as importantly, knows who to speak to when the going gets tough. If you want to drive the network hard, this stuff is for you!

The document is available from this wiki at Ten Easy Network Questions.

The Deployment Team requests that all GridPP sites complete the questions over the next three week period. The deadline is 2005-11-22.


  1. Copy (but don't edit in-place) the source of 10 Easy Questions Answer Template
  2. Edit the template with your answers (probably best to do this in a text editor first)
  3. Edit the answers link below for your site
  4. Paste in your edited version of the template