Tier1 Operations Report 2019-12-11

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RAL Tier1 Operations Report for 11th December 2019

Review of Issues during the week 4th December 2019 to the 10th December 2019.
  • Generator test with load on UPS ran today.
  • FTS server silently falling over, over the weekend
  • LFC decom commenced
  • Echo SN down caused failures of deletion for ATLAS.

Current operational status and issues
Notable Changes made since the last meeting.
  • NTR
Entries in GOC DB starting since the last report.
Service ID Scheduled? Outage/At Risk Start End Duration Reason
Declared in the GOC DB
Service ID Scheduled? Outage/At Risk Start End Duration Reason
- - - - - - - -
  • No ongoing downtime
Advanced warning for other interventions
The following items are being discussed and are still to be formally scheduled and announced.

Listing by category:

Open GGUS Tickets
Ticket-ID Type VO Site Priority Responsible Unit Status Last Update Subject Scope
144457 TEAM lhcb RAL-LCG2 very urgent NGI_UK assigned 2019-12-11 11:05:00 Failing transfer to RAL-BUFFER WLCG
144431 USER cms RAL-LCG2 urgent NGI_UK waiting for reply 2019-12-10 16:59:00 Transfers failing to RAL_Disk WLCG
144237 USER alice RAL-LCG2 urgent NGI_UK in progress 2019-12-10 10:55:00 Decommission RAL's Castor Disk endpoint for ALICE EGI
143669 USER snoplus.snolab.ca RAL-LCG2 urgent NGI_UK on hold 2019-11-18 09:13:00 SNO+ LFC to DFC migration EGI
143323 TEAM lhcb RAL-LCG2 top priority NGI_UK on hold 2019-11-18 14:16:00 File deletion at RAL ECHO WLCG
142350 TEAM lhcb RAL-LCG2 top priority NGI_UK on hold 2019-12-04 21:51:00 Proble accessing some LHCb files at RAL WLCG

GGUS Tickets Closed Last week
Ticket-ID Type VO Site Priority Responsible Unit Status Last Update Subject Scope
144448 TEAM atlas RAL-LCG2 less urgent NGI_UK solved 2019-12-11 09:46:00 RAL-LCG2 deletion and transfer errors with deletion messages: The requested service is not available at the moment. Details: An unknown exception occurred. Details: an end-of-file was reached globus_xio: An end of file occurred WLCG
144447 TEAM atlas RAL-LCG2 less urgent NGI_UK solved 2019-12-11 09:40:00 RAL-LCG2 deletion and transfer errors with transfer messages: TRANSFER [70] TRANSFER an end-of-file was reached globus_xio: An end of file occurred WLCG
144024 USER cms RAL-LCG2 very urgent NGI_UK closed 2019-12-09 23:59:00 File Read Issues where files are located at RAL WLCG
144015 USER other RAL-LCG2 less urgent NGI_UK closed 2019-12-05 23:59:00 Stalled LSST jobs at RAL EGI

Availability Report

Day Atlas CMS LHCB Alice Comments
2019-12-04 100 100 100 100
2019-12-05 100 100 100 100
2019-12-06 100 100 100 100
2019-12-07 100 100 100 100
2019-12-08 100 100 100 100
2019-12-09 100 99 100 100
2019-12-10 100 100 100 96
Hammercloud Test Report
Target Availability for each site is 97.0%
Day Atlas HC CMS HC Comment
2019-12-04 92 96
2019-12-05 100 95
2019-12-06 100 95
2019-12-07 100 95
2019-12-08 100 99
2019-12-09 100 96
2019-12-10 100 96

Key: Atlas HC = Atlas HammerCloud (Queue RAL-LCG2_UCORE, Template 841); CMS HC = CMS HammerCloud

Notes from Meeting.

Teir-1 Liaison 20/11/2019

Attendee's RobA Marcello, Jose, Darren, Brian, Raja, Alistair

QUESTION Raja, when was the xrootd reboots done - during the last liaison meeting. There was an elog entry.

ACTION DM : GGUS#144015, orig issue resolved. Create new RT ticket regards optimising processing. Close the orig ticket.

ACTION DM : GGUS#143762. Possible to tailor the queues per VO, however the risk outweighs the gain. We might break something we haven't anticipated i.e. accounting. This ticket to be closed as we aren't going to "resolve". SL6 to be supported up until end of Nov 2020.

ACTION AD : GGUS#143669 not progress

ACTION Raja : GGUS#143323 : Add some statistics to tickets showing improvement (or not!)

GGUS#142350 : Double read issue, no apparent improvement. GGUS#143645 (solved), however ticket listed 3 possible solutions, the working solution(s), has not been identified.

QUESTION Raja, why are some WN's more susceptible that other, no one seems to have an answer. Possibly more jobs running on the node, the more likely something will fail. Failure rate can be as much as 20%.

DIRAC used because of late binding functionality, this seems the be kicking LHCb.

ACTION Raja Further investigation required to differentiate between user and production jobs.

ACTION Marcello to ensure the caches are working on the gateways.

DUNE ran test jobs at RAL, loaded 1500 jobs, we got 10. However, there are not enough DUNE jobs to go around! RAL is processing them correctly.

ACTION Raja : How does DUNE allocate jobs to sites

Attendee's Brian, Alastair, Darren, Katy, GeorgeP, Jose, TomB, Raja, TimA Tier-1 Liaison 11/12/2019

Raja, Tom. Raja waiting for Echo upgrade - Mimic - LHCb think this is a silver bullet. Issues this week, planned test (as per liaison report, AoD.

LFC should be Frontier Err in report

Ref last SN failer, next year

ACTION Tom to look at disabling swap on ALL SN's in new year (2020).

GeorgeP starting to delete Alice file decommissioning.

20 disc servers in racks need to be moved – pre-production, 1off Alice in this rack.

Delete files on that server first hen decommission

Clearing of namespace to complete next week.

Fabric running late on decommissioning so will leave server to clear. will not impact rack decommissioning.

AD to update snoplus ticket

VO issues, decommissioning Frontier.

Disabled Atlas side Monday, few jobs caught out because of old config or running for long length of time.

Will wait ~another day, let jobs finish then stop service

Extra squid added to list, request should be submitted soon or won’t get done this year/decade