Tier1 Operations Report 2017-11-08

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RAL Tier1 Operations Report for 8th November 2017

Review of Issues during the week 1st to 8th November 2017.
  • At last week's meeting we reported that CMS were switched over to using xrootd.echo.stfc.ac.uk meaning that CMS jobs used xrootd.echo.stfc.ac.uk as the primary means of accessing local data via xrootd. That change was reverted - but has since been re-applied. There was a further issue where long-lived CMS jobs needed to complete before the changes were picked up by all CMS batch jobs.
Current operational status and issues
  • There is a problem on the site firewall which is causing problems for some specific data flows. Discussions have been taking place with the vendor. This is having an effect on our data that flows through the firewall (such as to/from worker nodes).
  • CASTOR CMS Stager down. Investigation implies CPU error on physical box – “E1442 CPU2 machine check error. Power cycle AC.”)
Resolved Disk Server Issues
  • None
Ongoing Disk Server Issues
  • None
Limits on concurrent batch system jobs.
  • CMS Multicore 550
Notable Changes made since the last meeting.
  • Re-distribution of data in Echo onto the 2015 capacity hardware is ongoing. This is expected to complete in a few weeks.
  • CMS batch switched to use Echo as the primary means of accessing local data via xrootd. If data not found there it will fail over to Castor.
  • The Echo Gateways have had a parameter change that means the GridFTP gateways make better use of memory. This will enable the number of connections to each gateway server to be increased.
  • A start has been made on updating Castor tape servers to SL7.
Entries in GOC DB starting since the last report.
  • None
Declared in the GOC DB
  • None
Advanced warning for other interventions
The following items are being discussed and are still to be formally scheduled and announced.

Ongoing or Pending - but not yet formally announced:

  • Re-distribute the data in Echo onto the 2015 capacity hardware. (Ongoing)
  • Update the LHCb Castor SRMs so as to be able to configure timeouts.

Listing by category:

  • Castor:
    • Update systems (initially tape servers) to use SL7 and configured by Quattor/Aquilon.
    • Move to generic Castor headnodes.
  • Echo:
    • Re-distribute the data in Echo onto the remaining 2015 capacity hardware.
    • Update to next CEPH version ("Luminous").
  • Networking
    • Extend the number of services on the production network with IPv6 dual stack. (Done for Perfsonar, all squids and the CVMFS Stratum-1 servers).
  • Services
    • The Production and "Test" (Atlas) FTS3 services will be merged and will make use of a resilient distributed database.

Open GGUS Tickets (Snapshot during morning of meeting)
GGUS ID Level Urgency State Creation Last Update VO Subject
131695 Green Less Urgent Assigned 2017-11-08 2017-11-08 OPS [Rod Dashboard] Issue detected : org.bdii.GLUE2-Validate@ce-enmr.cerm.unifi.it
131694 Green Urgent Assigned 2017-11-08 2017-11-08 CMS PhEDEx agents down for site T2_FR_GRIF_IRFU
131693 Green Less Urgent In Progress 2017-11-08 2017-11-08 ATLAS GRIF: squid service degraded for the past ~1.5 days
131692 Amber Less Urgent Assigned 2017-11-08 2017-11-08 CMS CMSWEB: Authorisation required
131690 Red Less Urgent Assigned 2017-11-07 2017-11-08 ATLAS IN2P3-CPPM: Transfer canceled because the gsiftp performance marker timeout
124876 Red Less Urgent On Hold 2016-11-07 2017-01-01 OPS [Rod Dashboard] Issue detected : hr.srce.GridFTP-Transfer-ops@gridftp.echo.stfc.ac.uk
117683 Red Less Urgent On Hold 2015-11-18 2017-07-06 CASTOR at RAL not publishing GLUE 2.
Availability Report
Day OPS Alice Atlas CMS LHCb Atlas Echo Comment
25/10/17 100 100 98 99 100 100 SRM Test failures.
26/10/17 100 100 98 99 100 100 SRM Test failures.
27/10/17 100 100 98 99 100 100 SRM Test failures.
28/10/17 100 100 98 100 100 100 SRM Test failures.
29/10/17 100 100 98 100 100 100 SRM Test failures.
30/10/17 100 100 100 100 100 100
31/10/17 100 100 98 91 100 100 Atlas: Single SRM test failure; CMS: CE test failures caused by xroot data access problems to echo.
Hammercloud Test Report

Key: Atlas HC = Atlas HammerCloud (Queue ANALY_RAL_SL6, Template 845); Atlas HC Echo = Atlas Echo (Template 841);CMS HC = CMS HammerCloud

Day Atlas HC Atlas HC Echo CMS HC Comment
25/10/17 100 94 100
26/10/17 96 100 100
27/10/17 100 98 100
28/10/17 100 100 100
29/10/17 100 100 100
30/10/17 100 100 99
31/10/17 100 100 99
Notes from Meeting.
  • None yet