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GridPP has begun a Tier-2 evolution task force to look at ways of simplifying the operation of Tier-2 sites in the UK, with the following terms of reference:

Starting from the plan in the GridPP5 proposal, we will develop specific advice for Tier-2 sites with the goal of being able to provide experiments with the ability to run jobs and access grid storage, within an effort budget of 0.5 FTE at the site. The routine operation of a site should be possible with general Linux system administration expertise, with ongoing expertise beyond that provided externally by GridPP or experiment staff. The advice given to sites will be developed by a continuous process of deployment and evaluation involving Tier-2 sites and experiments.

The GridPP JIRA project is being used for tracking tasks related to Tier-2 evolution, with these tasks marked in JIRA with the T2evo label. The JIRA filter T2evo status lists these tasks.

There is also a gridpp-t2evo@cern.ch mailing list.