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Getting a grid certificate is a multi-step process. In the United Kingdom the procedure is managed by the UK eScience Certification Authority (UKCA). The procedure begins online, so you will need to select a web browser (e.g. Firefox) that you will have consistent access to on your local system. You need to use the same browser for both requesting your certificate and retrieving it when it's ready. Do not use a temporary login anywhere.

Using your browser of choice visit the UKCA portal here and follow the instructions (i.e. click on the "Request New User Certificate"). Please note that the procedure is not instant - for example, you will need to take photographic ID to your nearest Registration Authority (RA). Instructions for doing this are provided via the UKCA portal. You may wish to bookmark this page so that you can return when the procedure is complete.

Once you have your grid certificate, please click here.

Why does getting a grid certificate take so long?

A grid certificate gives users access to a vast network of computing resources. We therefore need to be able to identify users and check they are who they say they are. Be patient - it's worth the wait!

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