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EGI/EMI is coming to an end and Staged Rollout in its current form will most likely stop. But until then, if you receive a Staged Rollout request, please keep testing ....

This is a core operations team task

The task responsibilities are:

1. Track the status of staged rollout activities at GridPP sites and maintain an up-to-date table showing progress/issues.

  Note: There will be no separate table to the Early Adopter's table referred to below. If you are not listed in this table,
  you are not an Early Adopter.  

2. Remain aware of the current release status of gLite/EGI middleware.

3. Update GridPP links to most recent information.

4. Provide an update on releases at the ops meeting.


Deployment status

Status of EMI/UMD deployement in the UK: [EMI1], [EMI2], [EMI3]

Middleware versions currently deployed in the UK (publicly accessible information only): [Link]

FYI: Middleware deployed at CERN.


Disclaimer: I use EMI throughout, because that is what the repo is called. Technically there is EMI (European Middleware Initiative) and EGI (European Grid Infrastructure), plus a number of other acronyms involved. This is not an official EMI/EGI document and should not be used to acknowledge any kind of help/funding/middleware etc you have received. In this case, please check the official documents linked from this page and make sure you thank the right acronym.


What is an Early Adopter ?

EMI releases new versions of the grid middleware on regular intervals. Currently there are EMI1 (SL5) and EMI2 (SL5 and SL6). At this point the software has been tested by the developers on test setups, but not in an production environment. Testing this new middleware in a production environment is called Staged Rollout and the people who are doing it are referred to as Early Adopters.

The list of current early adopters can be found here: Early Adopters

How does it work ?

When a new version for a middleware component is released, it goes into Staged Rollout. An email is sent to all people who registered as as Early Adopters announcing the release. At this point you can decide whether you accept the challenge. If you do, you need to file a stage rollout report template within the timeframe specified in the announcement email, independently of whether you successfully managed to deploy the middleware on your site or not.
For any bugs discovered you also have to file a GGUS ticket. You can refer to the GGUS tickets in your staged rollout report. (Please note: Even if you are not an Early Adopter and you find an issue with an EMI release you can of course still file a GGUS ticket.)

The list of previously filed staged roll out reports used to be found here: Right now (Feb 2015) this link does not seem to work, but the reports can be retrieved digging through this link.

The official staged rollout procedures can be found here: EMI Staged Rollout. (This page makes it sound at lot worse than it is.)

How do I become an Early Adopter ?

Please email Joao Pina (jpina at stating your site and which component you would like to test. There is no requirement to test every new version of the code, you can decide for each new release individually if you are able to test it.
You will also need an EGI SSO account, available here.

Where can I find out which releases are up and coming ?

[EGI Operations Meetings]

[EMI1 release updates (security only) -- now deprecated]

[EMI2 release updates -- now deprecated]

[EMI3 updates]

Questions and complaints to first order to Daniela (daniela.bauer.grid at or daniela.bauer at

This page is a Key Document, and is the responsibility of Daniela Bauer. It was last reviewed on 2015-07-24 when it was considered to be 100% complete. It was last judged to be accurate on 2015-02-24.