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The service challenge 4 site status table aims to show what sites are planning and have completed each month leading up to service challenge 4. A more detailed description of the service may be available from the individual site pages.

GridPP Site Status for Service Challenge 4
Site October 2005 November 2005 December 2005 January 2006 February 2006 March 2006

RAL Tier1 dCache setup and in production, LFC setup, Alice VOBox setup. The RAL FTS service is installed at version 1.3. A

VOBox for ATLAS will be set up before the end of the month.

VOBox for ALICE and ATLAS is still going on, it was done but requirments are changing. VOBox for LHCb will set up for the end of the year.
Lancaster dCache done, ukLight done LFC done
Liverpool dCache done FTS
Manchester dCache done LFC done, FTS done
Sheffield dCache

Durham DPM done. LFC done.
Edinburgh dCache and DPM already. LFC done.
Glasgow DPM already. LFC done.

London Tier2
Brunel DPM (Done)
IC-HEP dCache, FTS installed LFC done.
IC-LeSC DPM (test)
QMUL DPM installed on PoolFS
UCL-HEP DPM installed migrated from classic SE. In production FTS done. LFC installed
UCL-CCC DPM not fixed
Birmingham DPM/SRM installed (migrated from classic SE - see Migration from a classic to a DPM/SRM SE) LFC installed - working on FTS FTS is installed
Bristol DPM/SRM installed LFC is installed
Cambridge Migrated from classic to DPM/SRM SE LFC is installed
Oxford DPM/SRM installed, need to add one disk pool LFC is installed
RAL Tier2 dCache is installed. FTS is installed

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