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== Introduction ==
This page contains links to a set of Site Specific Status Pages. It is the responsibility of individual site administrators to keep these pages from becoming stale. Please note that the site specific status pages were generated by a [[Conversion Process]] that uses a pair of Perl scripts to convert between topic-oriented pages and site-oriented pages. The actual content is unchanged; only the structure of the information has been changed to make it to easier to establish responsibilities.
Each Site Specific Status Page contains a number of topic sections relating to HEPSPEC06, Middleware_transition, Protected_Site_networking, Resiliency_and_Disaster_Planning, SL4_Survey and Site_information. The requirements for each topic are elaborated in the [[Topic Notes]].
Project Managers expressed a preference for the old structure. For their convenience, this will be maintained automatically at this link: [[Topic View]]. This page should not be edited by hand.
== Site Specific Pages ==
<br />
* [[UKI-LT2-IC-HEP]]
* [[UKI-LT2-QMUL]]
* [[UKI-LT2-RHUL]]
<br />
<br />
<br />
* [[EFDA-JET]]
<br />
* [[RAL-LCG2-Tier-1]]

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