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Instructions To Update Rucio


  1. Get snapshots for VMs
  • Edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 commenting out HWADDR
  • Take snapshots
  1. Using the daily backup of DB02 move this to DB03 and apply the database
  • Find the latest backup
grep  Transferred  /var/log/atlasbackup/atlasbackup.log | tail -1
  • Retrieve the backup
[root@ruciodb02 ~]# tape -r csfserv <BackUpNumber> <location for backup>/tape.<BackUpNumber>
  • Move the backup to DB03 using SCP if backup not availale
[root@ruciodb02 ~]# scp -i <Path/To/PrivateKey> /mnt/backfs/ruciodb02_db_backup_202108241613
  • Move the tape backup to DB03
[root@ruciodb02 ~]# scp -i <Path/To/PrivateKey> <<location for backup>/tape.<BackUpNumber>
  • Unpack the tape backup
[root@ruciodb03 ~]# tar xf tape.<BackUpNumber>
  • Find the database name on DB03
[root@ruciodb03 ~]# su postgres
bash-4.2$ psql
postgres-# \c 
You are now connected to database "<DB_Name>" as user "postgres".
postgres-# \q
  • Drop the current database
bash-4.2$ dropdb <DB_Name>
  • Create a new databse and apply backup
bash-4.2$ createdb -T template0 <DB_Name>
psql  -v  -d <DB_Name> -f  <Path/To/Backup>/ruciodb02_<ID> 

This process will take some time (between 40-60 mins)

Upgrade Steps

Update the database -> takes roughly an hour

  • Connect alembic and rucio.cfg to database
cd /opt/rucio
vi alembic.ini

Edit the path to the database

cd etc
vi rucio.cfg

Edit database default to the database

  • Run alembic for a few upgrades
cd /opt/rucio
alembic upgrade c0937668555f
alembic upgrade 8ea9122275b1
  • Attempt upgrade to d23d23453595260
alembic upgrade d23453595260 --sql
  • If this failed find instructions
alembic upgrade d23453595260 --sql
  • Run each instruction manually on the database from the database server
  • Upgrade to head
alembic upgrade head