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2nd Andrew <br />
2nd Andrew <br />
9th Matt <br />
16th Gordon <br />
23rd Andrew <br />
[[Rota History]]
[[Rota History]]

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(See ROD Welcome for getting started and links to docs etc.)

Current Rota

May 2021

3rd Andrew
10th Matt
17th Gordon
24th Daniela
31st Andrew

June 2021

7th Matt
14th Gordon
21st Daniela
28th Andrew

July 2021

5th Matt
12th Gordon
19th Daniela
26th Andrew

August 2021

2nd Andrew
9th Matt
16th Gordon
23rd Andrew

Rota History

January 2018
1st Kashif
8th Gordon
15th Andrew
22nd Daniela
29th Kashif

February 2018
5th Gordon
12th Kashif
19th Daniela
26th Andrew

March 2018
5th Gordon
12th Andrew
19th Kashif
26th Daniela

April 2018
2nd Gordon
9th Andrew
16th Kashif
23rd Daniela
30th Gordon

May 2018
7th May Andrew
14th May Kashif
21st May Daniela
28th May Gordon

June 2018
4th June Kashif
11th June Daniela
18th June Andrew
25th June Daniela

July 2018
2nd July Kashhif
9th July Gordon
16th July Andrew
23rd July Daniela
30th July Kashif

August 2018
6th August Gordon
13th August Andrew
20th August Daniela
27th August Gordon

September 2018
3rd September Kashif
10th September Andrew
17th September Daniela
24th September Gordon

October 2018
1st Daniela
8th Kashif
15th Gordon
22nd Andrew
29th Daniela

November 2018
5th Kashif
12th Gordon
19th Andrew
26th Daniela

December 2018
3rd Gordon
10th Andrew
17th Daniela
23rd -None-
31st Kashif

Happy New Year!
January 2019
7th Gordon
14th Andrew
21st Daniela
28th Kashif

February 2019
4th Gordon
11th Andrew
18th Daniela
25th Kashif

March 2019
4th Daniela
11th Gordon
18th Andrew
25th Kashif

April 2019

1st Daniela
8th Gordon
15th Andrew
22nd Kashif
29th Daniela

May 2019

6th Gordon
13th Andrew
20th Kashif
27th Gordon

June 2019

3rd Daniela
10th Andrew
17th Kashif

June 2019

24 June: Andrew

July 2019

1st July: Gordon
8th July: Daniela
15th July: Matt
22nd July: Andrew
29th July: Andrew

August 2019

5th August: Gordon
12th August: Matt
19th August: Daniela
26th August: Andrew

September 2019

2nd September: Matt
9th September: Gordon
16th September: Daniela
23rd September: Andrew
30th September: Matt

October 2019

7th Oct: Andrew
14th Oct: Daniela
21st Oct: Matt
28th Oct: Gordon

November 2019

4th Nov: Andrew
11th Nov: Daniela
18th Nov: Matt
25th Nov: Gordon

December 2019

2nd Dec: Daniela
9th Dec: Gordon
16th Dec: Matt
23th Dec: Andrew
30th Dec: Daniela

January 2020

6th Jan: Andrew 13th Jan: Andrew
20th Jan: Matt
27th Jan: Daniela
3rd Feb: Gordon
10th Feb: Matt
17th Feb: Andrew
24th Feb: Daniela
2nd Mar: Gordon
9th Mar: Matt
16th Mar: Andrew
23rd Mar: Daniela
30th Mar: Gordon

6th Apr: Andrew
13th Apr: Matt
20th Apr: Daniela
27th Apr: Gordon

May the Fourth (be with you): Matt
11th May: Andrew
18th May: Daniela
25th May: Gordon

1st Jun: Andrew
8th Jun: Matt
15th Jun: Daniela
22nd Jun: Andrew
29th Jun: Gordon

6th Jul: Andrew
13th Jul: Matt
20th Jul: Daniela
27th Jul: Gordon

3rd Aug: Matt
10th Aug: Andrew
17th Aug: Gordon
24th Aug: Andrew
31st Aug: Daniela

7th Sep: Andrew
14th Sep: Matt
21st Sep: Gordon
28th Sep: Daniela

5th Oct: Andrew
12th Oct: Matt
19th Oct: Daniela
26th Oct: Gordon

2nd Nov: Andrew
9th Nov: Matt
16th Nov: Daniela
23rd Nov: Gordon
30th Nov: Andrew

7th Dec: Gordon
14th Dec: Daniela
21st Dec: Andrew
28th Dec: Matt

4th Jan: Andrew
11th Jan: Matt
18th Jan Daniela
25th Jan: Gordon

1st Feb: Andrew
8th Feb: Matt
15th Feb: Matt
22nd Feb: Andrew

1st Mar: Gordon
8th Mar: Daniela
15th Mar: Matt
22nd Mar: Andrew
29th Mar: Gordon

5th Apr: Daniela
12th Apr: Andrew
19th Apr: Gordon
26th Apr: Daniela

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