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This is a quick guide for new members of the GridPP Regional On Duty (ROD) team which we operate as part of our responsibility to EGI to monitor and fix our sites within EGI. In 2019, the role of the GridPP ROD was extended to also provide triage of IRIS support requests.

The role is organised around week long shifts, Monday to Friday (formally Sunday). There is a ROD rota with the assignments for a few weeks/months at a time. Requests for people to fill in a Doodle poll with their availability are sent to the uk-grid-ops AT mailing list by the ROD manager (Andrew McNab). At the beginning and end of each shift people create handover reports.

The EGI ROD Welcome page is the official guide to becoming a ROD member within the EGI system, and has links to training documents. This set of slides is probably the most useful guide especially the screenshots of the ROD Dashboard. Officially, you should join the DTEAM VO, but in practice this is not necessary. Furthermore, in practice the only thing you need to do for EGI is to monitor the dashboard and the alarms and tickets it presents. It's not necessary to put sites in downtime etc that the official guides mention.

The GridPP ROD team now also provides triage of support emails for IRIS, which provides hardware capacity for STFC-funded science in the UK (including astronomy and non-LHC particle physics.) The IRIS operations page gives an overview of this activity and there is a triage page with a step by step recipe for dealing with an IRIS support request. IRIS support shifts are done in the same week in the rota as your EGI ROD shift. It's not necessary to act on them during weekends and public holidays (the same as EGI ROD duties) and so when your shift starts you should pay particular attention to any support emails from the preceding Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday which have not been dealt with.