RFIO Local Access

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To run on the file in ROOT locally.

Set up glite client (either a UI or using)

voms-proxy-init -voms atlas
export DPM_HOST=srm.glite.ecdf.ed.ac.uk
export DPNS_HOST=srm.glite.ecdf.ed.ac.uk

Then either copy the file e.g.

rfcp /dpm/ecdf.ed.ac.uk/home/atlas/atlaslocalgroupdisk/mc11_7TeV/NTUP_HSG5WH.563989._000001.root.1 /tmp/mc11_7TeV.116591.root

or to run in ROOT directly, first make a link to the DPM libraries from wherever they are in your gLite client

ln -s   /Disk/speyside4/atlas/ddm/libdpm.so.1.7.4 libshift.so.2.1
ln -s   /Disk/speyside4/atlas/ddm/liblcgdm.so.1.7.4 ./liblcgdm.so

Then open with TFile::Open("rfio:////.....") (NOT TFile("rfio:..")) and with 4 slashes (!) e.g :

root [0] TFile *_file0 = TFile::Open("rfio:////dpm/ecdf.ed.ac.uk/home/atlas/atlaslocalgroupdisk/mc11_7TeV/NTUP_HSG5WH.563989._000001.root.1")

Making a list of the files at your site from ATLAS DQ2 client.

Set up DQ2 client tools

voms-proxy-init -voms atlas
dq2-ls -f -p -L UKI-SCOTGRID-ECDF_LOCALGROUPDISK mc10_7TeV.116591.WH120lnubb_pythia.merge.NTUP_HSG5WH.e701_s933_s946_r2302_r2300_p766/ | grep srm \\
| sed 's/srm:\/\/srm.glite.ecdf.ed.ac.uk/rfio:\/\/\//g'