RAL Tier1 weekly operations castor 26/07/2019

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Standing agenda

1. Achievements this week

2. Problems encountered this week

3. What are we planning to do next week?

4. Long-term project updates (if not already covered)

5. Special topics

6. Actions

7. Review Fabric tasks

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8. AoTechnicalB

9. Availability for next week

10. On-Call

11. AoOtherB

Achievements this week

  • Decommissioned all the lhcbDst disk servers and main headnodes
    • SRMs to be done shortly
  • Kernel upgrade on Facilities disk servers.
  • Comparative testing of SL6 and SL7 disk servers using IOZONE ongoing
    • Test complete for OCF, ongoing for Dell.
  • New robot testing: BC ready to do the 'mixed' test.

Operation problems

  • Bellona had some hardware problems continuing from last week.
    • Intervention attempted on Thursday, which triggered additional problems
    • Combination of hardware issues, mostly a failed array controller.
    • CASTOR downtime on Thursday due to this. 11-2.
    • Still running with one controller, replacement expected Monday or Tuesday.

Plans for next few weeks

  • Upgrade to new Facilities headnodes
    • Final ET test showed a few errors, need to be checked.
    • Pencilled in for Thursday
    • Minimum non-CASTOR staff needed for the intervention: Brian, Kevin.
    • Kevin found an xrootd error that needs to be checked out.
  • Sorting out xrootd functional test
    • Plan to create and destroy the robot proxy every time we run the test.

Long-term projects

  • New CASTOR disk servers currently with Martin.
  • Migration of name server to VMs on 2.1.17-xx is waiting until aliceDisk is decommissioned.
  • CASTOR disk server migration to Aquilon.
    • Agreed a testing plan with Fabric
  • Facilties headnode replacement:
    • SL7 VM headnodes are being tested
  • Turn VCert into a facilities test instance.
  • Migrate CASTOR to Telegraf/Influx/Grafana (aka TIG)


  • AD wants us to make sure that experiments cannot write to that part of namespace that was used for d1t0 data: namespace cleanup/deletion of empty dirs.
    • AD still wants to delete all the excess directories but is happy to do the migration route fix in the interim.


  • Everybody in


On Call

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