RAL Tier1 Experiments Liaison Meeting

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Covers all aspects of the Tier1. Meeting access information is available from Indico. Previous special presentations can be found here.


Chairman: Andrew Sansum

Secretary: Andrew Lahiff

  1. Summary of Operational Status and Issues
  2. Highlights/summary of the Tier1 Monday operations meeting.
  3. Experiment plans and operational issues
    • CMS
    • ATLAS
    • LHCb
    • ALICE
    • Others
  4. Special topics/presentations (agreed in advance)
    • None
  5. Actions
  6. Highlights for Operations Bulletin Latest
  7. AoB

Open Actions

Action ID Priority Experiment(s) Owner Action Status
20140312-01 Normal ALICE Lee Check ALICE plans for tape access
20140225-01 Normal MICE Catalin Investigate why it takes 5 hours for MICE to unpack a tarball
20140225-02 Normal MICE Catalin Give MICE access to all WMSs at RAL
20140205-01 Normal Non-LHC Catalin Ensure that non-LHC VOs are aware of alternatives to the NFS software server Ongoing

Completed Actions

Archives of actions completed can be found at:

Action ID Priority Experiment(s) Owner Action Status Completed date
20131023-03 Normal ATLAS Matthew Report back about ATLAS CASTOR deletion problem after F2F discussion with developers Closed. 2014-01-08
20131023-01 Normal N/A Catalin Send Henry details about UI baseline version for SHA-2 compliance Done. 2013-10-30
20120111-01 Normal CMS Andrew L, Chris B Find out what's happening about disk/tape separation Done. 2012-01-18
20111214-01 Normal Non-LHC Andrew L Add Chris Walker to mailing list Done. 2012-01-18
20120118-01 Normal ALICE Alastair Provide full list of LFNs on T0D1 to Lee Done 2012-01-25
20111221-01 Normal LHC Brian D Discuss delegation of FTS channel management by T2 sys-admins. Decided that we should retain control. 2012-02-08
20120125-01 Normal Andrew S Review GGUS ticket 77026 in advance of next week's meeting. Not done. 2012-02-08
20120229-03 Medium Andrew S Talk to Ian about possibility of using perfsonar for validating the new OPN subnet Done. Ian is working on it. 2012-03-07
20120229-04 Medium MICE Andrew L Send list of closed MICE tickets to Henry Done. List sent to Henry 2012-03-14
20120229-01 Medium Andrew S Discuss strategy for funding LSF in 2012 with CASTOR team No longer necessary, since an LSF license has been purchased for the rest of the year. 2012-03-22
20120321-05 Medium CMS Andrew L Find out if RAL can start using CVMFS Done. Can't yet move to CVMFS, but immenent. 2012-03-28
20120321-03 Medium ALICE Shaun Determine the age distribution of ALICE files on aliceTape Done. Files even 2 years old are still staged. 2012-03-28
20120328-01 Medium All Gareth Create a deployment schedule for 2011 CPU and check MoU committments Done. All 2011 CPU in production. 2012-04-04
20120321-01 Medium ALICE Lee, Shaun Find out about the load on CASTOR from Japan Closed. No longer relevant. 2012-04-25
20120321-02 Medium ALICE Chris K Look for any correlation between ALICE CPU efficiency and LSF efficiency Closed. No longer relevant. 2012-04-25
20120321-04 Medium ZEUS Gareth Contact ZEUS representatives about low CPU efficiencies Closed. Emails sent. 2012-04-25
20120404-01 Medium LHCb Gareth Make sure xrootd pre-staging back door is closed Done. 2012-04-25
20120502-01 Medium MICE Shaun Check permissions Done by Shaun. 2012-05-09
20120425-01 Medium Gareth Review batch system limits Done. Limits have been removed or increased. 2012-05-23
20120229-02 Medium Andrew S Ensure that the new OPN subnet in the Tier-1 has the correct routing across the WAN Closed. 2012-06-27
20120509-01 Medium Gareth Circulate information about gridTest queue Closed. Replaced with new action. 2012-07-12
20120627-01 Medium NA62 Alastair Clarify NA62 storage requirements Done. 2012-07-12
20120627-02 Medium MICE Shaun Check permissions and ownership of MICE directories in CASTOR Done. 2012-07-12
20120712-01 Medium All Orlin After setting up some test EMI-2 worker nodes, contact VO reps about testing. Postponed 2012-08-01
20120822-01 Medium LHCb Andrew L Provide details about the gridTest queue to Raja Done 2012-08-29
20120815-01 Medium Andrew L Ask Martin L about coordination of EMI-2 worker nodes Done 2012-09-05
20120905-01 Medium MICE Shaun Investigate migration from tape1 to tape2 Done 2012-10-03
20121003-01 Medium N/A Gareth Check if CA 1.50 certificates have been distributed everywhere Closed 2012-10-17
20121003-02 Medium biomed Gareth Make sure that GGUS 85077 is given an owner. Closed 2012-10-17
20120530-01 Medium ALICE Shaun Ask ALICE if they can remove files from CASTOR after unsuccessfully trying to put files in Done 2012-12-19
20130109-01 Medium ALICE Andrew L, Shaun Check ALICE tape usage & allocation. Done 2013-01-16
20130116-01 Medium T2K Alastair, Shaun Talk to Jonathan about T2K storage. Done 2013-01-23
20130116-01 Medium T2K Alastair Write document: Idiot's guide to storage at RAL for non-LHC VOs. Done. 2013-01-30
20130123-01 Medium Andrew S Try to ensure that Friday's electrical work is delayed Closed 2013-01-30
20130206-01 Medium ALICE Rob Check consistency & accuracy of ALICE disk reporting Closed 2013-02-20
20130306-01 Medium MICE Henry Henry to email production team about MICE computing contacts. Done. 2013-03-13
20130313-02 Medium Andrew L Setup a place for previous special presentations. Done. 2013-04-03
20130220-01 Medium T2K Gareth Post-mortem on gdss594 Done. 2013-04-10
20130313-01 Medium ATLAS Alastair Make sure ATLAS GGUS ticket about CASTOR problems affecting FTS is up-to-date Closed 2013-05-01
20130123-01 Medium Gareth Ensure that the problem of CRL expiry is addressed Closed 2013-09-18
20140108-01 Normal ALICE Gareth Why was the ALICE VOBOX rebooted 19 days ago? What happened to it? Closed 2014-02-05
20131023-02 Normal LHCb Jens Explain why SRM and CIP/BDII usage for LHCb are different and inform Raja which to use. Closed 2014-02-12
20140219-01 Normal N/A John Start post-mortem of loss of FTS3 database VM Closed 2014-02-25