RAL Tier1 Experiments Liaison Meeting

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Covers all aspects of the Tier1. Meeting access information is available from Indico. Previous special presentations can be found here.


Chairman: Martin Bly

Secretary: Andrew Lahiff

  1. Summary of Operational Status and Issues
  2. Highlights/summary of the Tier1 Monday operations meeting.
    • Grid Services
    • Fabric
    • CASTOR
    • Other
  3. Experiment plans and operational issues
    • CMS
    • ATLAS
    • LHCb
    • ALICE
    • Others
  4. Special topics/presentations (agreed in advance)
    • None
  5. Actions
  6. Highlights for Operations Bulletin Latest
  7. AoB

Open Actions

Action ID Priority Experiment(s) Owner Action Status
20161109-01 NORMAL CMS Lahiff Document how to get warnings of CMS' impending tape family requirements
20160406-01 Normal N/A Smith Tidy up pool accounts from VOs no longer supported
20151014-01 Normal LHCB Rob Appleyard LHCb Writes from WN to Castor failing , and then also failing to other sites To be revisited when CASTOR 2.1.15 is in production

Completed Actions

Archives of actions completed can be found at:

Action ID Priority Experiment(s) Owner Action Status Completed date