RAL Tier1 Experiments Liaison Meeting

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Covers all aspects of the Tier1. Meeting access information is available from Indico. Previous special presentations can be found here.


Chairman: Martin Bly

Secretary: Andrew Lahiff

  1. Summary of Operational Status and Issues
  2. Highlights/summary of the Tier1 Monday operations meeting.
    • Grid Services
    • Fabric
    • CASTOR
    • Other
  3. Experiment plans and operational issues
    • CMS
    • ATLAS
    • LHCb
    • ALICE
    • Others
  4. Special topics/presentations (agreed in advance)
    • None
  5. Actions
  6. Highlights for Operations Bulletin Latest
  7. AoB
    • Minutes from this meeting?

Open Actions

Action ID Priority Experiment(s) Owner Action Status
20161109-01 NORMAL CMS Lahiff Document how to get warnings of CMS' impending tape family requirements
20161109-02 NORMAL CMS Appleyard Document procedure for adding (and retro-fitting) CMS tape families
20160406-01 Normal N/A Smith Tidy up pool accounts from VOs no longer supported
20151014-01 Normal LHCB Rob Appleyard LHCb Writes from WN to Castor failing , and then also failing to other sites To be revisited when CASTOR 2.1.15 is in production
20151009-01 Normal CMS Rob Appleyard Ensure Documentation for creating tape pool up to date

Completed Actions

Archives of actions completed can be found at:

Action ID Priority Experiment(s) Owner Action Status Completed date
20131023-03 Normal ATLAS Matthew Report back about ATLAS CASTOR deletion problem after F2F discussion with developers Closed. 2014-01-08
20140108-01 Normal ALICE Gareth Why was the ALICE VOBOX rebooted 19 days ago? What happened to it? Closed 2014-02-05
20131023-02 Normal LHCb Jens Explain why SRM and CIP/BDII usage for LHCb are different and inform Raja which to use. Closed 2014-02-12
20140219-01 Normal N/A John Start post-mortem of loss of FTS3 database VM Closed 2014-02-25
20140225-02 Normal MICE Catalin Give MICE access to all WMSs at RAL Closed 2014-03-18
20140402-01 Normal N/A Gareth Perfsonar router changes need to be completed Done. 2014-04-09
20140225-01 Normal MICE Catalin Investigate why it takes 5 hours for MICE to unpack a tarball Closed 2014-04-16
20140205-01 Normal Non-LHC Catalin Ensure that non-LHC VOs are aware of alternatives to the NFS software server Closed 2014-04-23
20140423-02 Normal All Martin Liaise with networking about OPN failure over issues Closed 2014-05-07
20140709-01 Normal N/A Gareth Provide a short summary about the recent and upcoming network changes. Closed 2014-07-23
20140423-01 Normal non-LHC Gareth Finalize plans for termination of the software server Closed 2014-08-06
20140827-01 Normal N/A Martin Report back from MROG meeting (was "Follow up with testing of electrical circuits in LPD & HPD rooms") Done 2014-09-17
20140827-02 Normal N/A Rob Report on plans for Castor 2.1.15 upgrade. Done 2014-10-28
20141001-01 Normal N/A Andrew L Provide Wiki page (for VOs) detailing effect of cgroups. Done 2014-10-28
20150128-01 Normal N/A Andrew L Remove links to Fabric and Grid Services Done 2015-02-04
20150128-02 Normal CMS Andrew L Ensure the relevant people are looking into CMS CASTOR problems Closed 2015-02-11
20141008-01 Normal N/A Tim F Discuss data retention after experiment shutdown with H1 (Response: Data can be deleted) Closed 2015-03-18
20150313-01 Normal N/A Andrew S Discuss with PMB decommissioning of CREAM CEs Closed 2015-05-06
20150722-01 Normal N/A Andrew L Contact the user who affected the MyProxy service to find out what he was doing. Done 2015-07-23
20150812-02 Normal All Rob Appleyard Propagate information about upcoming CASTOR interventions Done 2015-08-26
20150812-01 Normal All Rob Appleyard Investigate SRM_INVALID_PATH SUM test errors - is this a problem with the test itself? Done 2015-10-14
20150923-01 Normal All non-LHC Brian Investigate mitigation to prevent FTS transfers from one non-LHC VO from affecting other due to the use a shared CASTOR instance - Able to set limits for each VO srm endpoint , need to decide and suitable values and implement. Done 2016-01-13
20160210-01 Normal CMS Davies/Lahiff Discuss CMS tape families for 2016 Done 2016-02-07
20151111-02 Normal N/A Smith/Bly Investigate format and scope of meeting Done 2016-05-04
20151111-01 Normal N/A Andrew Lahiff To Register how many/which VOs are attending this meeting Closed 2016-05-04