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'''Chairman:''' Darren Moore/Alastair Dewhurst
'''Chairman:''' Darren Moore/Alastair Dewhurst
'''Secretary:''' Darren Moore
'''Secretary:''' Brian Davies
# Major Incidents/Changes
# Major Incidents/Changes

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Covers all aspects of the Tier1. Meeting access information is available from Indico. Previous special presentations can be found here.


Chairman: Darren Moore/Alastair Dewhurst

Secretary: Brian Davies

  1. Major Incidents/Changes
  2. Experiment operational issues
    • GGUS#RT Tickets
    • VOs present
    • Issues raised through other methods
  3. Experiment planning
  4. Continual improvement of T1 procedures
  5. AoB


[VO List[1]]

Open Actions

Action ID Priority Experiment(s) Owner Action Status
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