RAL Tier1 CASTOR Experiments Completed Actions 2015

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Action ID Priority Experiment(s) Owner Action Status Completed date
20150128-01 Normal N/A Andrew L Remove links to Fabric and Grid Services Done 2015-02-04
20150128-02 Normal CMS Andrew L Ensure the relevant people are looking into CMS CASTOR problems Closed 2015-02-11
20141008-01 Normal N/A Tim F Discuss data retention after experiment shutdown with H1 (Response: Data can be deleted) Closed 2015-03-18
20150313-01 Normal N/A Andrew S Discuss with PMB decommissioning of CREAM CEs Closed 2015-05-06
20150722-01 Normal N/A Andrew L Contact the user who affected the MyProxy service to find out what he was doing. Done 2015-07-23
20150812-02 Normal All Rob Appleyard Propagate information about upcoming CASTOR interventions Done 2015-08-26
20150812-01 Normal All Rob Appleyard Investigate SRM_INVALID_PATH SUM test errors - is this a problem with the test itself? Done 2015-10-14