RAL Tier1 CASTOR Experiments Completed Actions 2013

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Action ID Priority Experiment(s) Owner Action Status Completed date
20140312-01 Normal ALICE Lee Check ALICE plans for tape access Done 2013-04-30
20131023-01 Normal N/A Catalin Send Henry details about UI baseline version for SHA-2 compliance Done. 2013-10-30
20130109-01 Medium ALICE Andrew L, Shaun Check ALICE tape usage & allocation. Done 2013-01-16
20130116-01 Medium T2K Alastair, Shaun Talk to Jonathan about T2K storage. Done 2013-01-23
20130116-01 Medium T2K Alastair Write document: Idiot's guide to storage at RAL for non-LHC VOs. Done. 2013-01-30
20130123-01 Medium Andrew S Try to ensure that Friday's electrical work is delayed Closed 2013-01-30
20130206-01 Medium ALICE Rob Check consistency & accuracy of ALICE disk reporting Closed 2013-02-20
20130306-01 Medium MICE Henry Henry to email production team about MICE computing contacts. Done. 2013-03-13
20130313-02 Medium Andrew L Setup a place for previous special presentations. Done. 2013-04-03
20130220-01 Medium T2K Gareth Post-mortem on gdss594 Done. 2013-04-10
20130313-01 Medium ATLAS Alastair Make sure ATLAS GGUS ticket about CASTOR problems affecting FTS is up-to-date Closed 2013-05-01
20130123-01 Medium Gareth Ensure that the problem of CRL expiry is addressed Closed 2013-09-18