RAL Tier1 CASTOR Experiments Completed Actions 2011

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Action ID Priority Experiment(s) Owner Action Status Completed date
20110607-02 Medium CMS Andrew L Ensure that there is a discussion about CMS usage of xrootd at RAL Done 2011-06-22
20110601-01 Medium LHCb Catalin Discuss implications of increasing wallclock time for LHCb. 6000M queue changed . Review status in 2-3 Weeks. Awaing feedback from Raja. Done 2011-06-22
20101103-01 Medium CMS Tim Folkes Record problems observed during the CMS tape migration. Blog entry done. 2011-01-05
20110105-01 High Alice Lee Barnby Ensure that no further action is required on the part of RAL regarding lost Alice tape and ensure that the required VO clean up is carried out. Done. 2011-01-12
20110105-01 High ATLAS Andrew Sansum Ensure that there is sufficient capacity at RAL for ATLAS production. Closed. 2010-01-12
20110119-01 Medium All Andrew Sansum Follow up issue of bad checksums impacting tape migrations. Done. Summary on 2011-01-26. 2011-01-26
20101208-01 Medium CMS Chris Brew Organise a meeting to discuss CMS integration testbed. Done. 2011-02-09
20101103-01 Medium All Matthew Viljoen Liaise with VOs to ensure that they are aware of the current CASTOR access permissions applied to their data and the implications of these permissions. Update sent. SuperB and T2K left to do. Done. 2011-02-16
20110126-01 Medium MICE Matthew Viljoen Confirm that all MICE data that should have two copies has two copies and that any with only one copy was written before the change to CASTOR for MICE. Done. 2011-02-16
20110216-01 Medium All Matthew Viljoen Summarise future CASOTR upgrade plans and position on CASTOR 2.1.10. Done. 2011-02-23
20110216-02 Medium All Andrew Sansum Send reminder about the resources meeting to the email list. Done. 2011-03-02
20101006-02 Medium CMS, ATLAS Derek Ross Set up a queue and reserve a few worker nodes for CMS and ATLAS to test multithreaded jobs. Done. 2011-03-09
20110216-02 Medium All Andrew Sansum Pursue why attendance at liaison meeting is low. Closed. 2011-03-09
20110302-02 Medium ATLAS Brian, Matt H Discuss FTS group channels. Done. 2011-03-09
20110309-01 Medium All John Follow up as to why the batch system drain procedures weren't followed. Done 2011-03-16
20110309-03 Medium All Matthew Viljoen Send an email to VOs with proposed dates for CASTOR stager upgrades. Done 2011-03-23
20110302-01 Medium NA62 Gareth Find out about NA62 storage requirements. Closed. 2011-04-06
20110406-01 Medium T2K Brian Davies Follow up with T2K about the best way to register files in the LFC. Closed. 2011-05-04
20110413-01 Medium All Andrew Sansum Organize a kick-off meeting to build a coherent picture of current networking issues and plans Closed. 2011-05-04
20110309-02 Medium All Andrew Sansum Re-advertise experiment liaison meeting. Done. 2011-05-18
20110607-01 Medium LHCb Matthew V Explain the change in garbage collection policies for LHCb, as the previous (default) policy is not understood Closed. 2011-06-15
20110629-01 Medium All On-call meeting Consider the appropriateness of reponses to diskserver failures. Moved to on-call meeting. 2011-07-27
20110720-01 Medium NA62 Andrew L Trawl through tickets to see if there's anything regarding NA62 use of FTS Done. 2011-07-27
20110810-01 Medium All Chris K Send out link for the new Castormon Done. 2011-08-17
20110810-02 Medium All Gareth Send out the proposed timeline for the database interventions to all VOs Done. 2011-08-17
20110907-01 Medium MICE Tim Nudge James A about giving Tier-1 disk stress testing scripts to Henry Done. 2011-09-21
20110803-01 Medium T2K Andrew S Organise meeting with T2K to discuss activities Closed 2011-09-28
20110921-01 Medium N/A Andrew L Speak to Jeremy about moving the Experiments Liaison Meeting to Vidyo Closed 2011-10-05
20110921-02 Medium MICE Martin Ensure that MICE are supplied with the disk stress testing package in a timely manner Closed 2011-10-12
20111005-01 Medium All Gareth Implement a Nagios check to ensure xrootd is working on diskservers Done. 2011-11-02