RAL Tier1 CASTOR Experiments Completed Actions 2009

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Actions from RAL Tier1 CASTOR Experiments Actions closed in 2009.

Action ID Priority Experiment(s) Owner Description Status Completed date
A-20080716-01 Medium All Stephen Burke Collect the CASTOR documentation that exists into one CASTOR "user manual". Done. 14/01/2009
A-20081126-02 ATLAS Brian Davies Feedback ATLAS source service class for FTS. Done. 14/01/2009
A-20081112-03 CMS Chris Brew Track clearing out CMS CSA07 test data. Done. 21/01/2009
A-20081119-04 LHCb James Thorne Try and remove gdss163 and gdss223 from LHCb ganglia. Done. 21/01/2009
A-20090114-02 MICE James Thorne Send link to planning page and CASTOR documentation to Paul Kyberd and Matt Viljoen Done. 21/01/2009
A-20090114-04 All David Corney Confirm that the meeting format is still useful to the experiments and Tier1 staff. Done. Agenda updated. 21/01/2009
A-20081119-02 All Andrew Sansum Put current planned dates for move to new machine room on the wiki. Done. 28/01/2009
A-20081210-01 Bonny Strong Archive/remove CASTOR announcements page. Done. 28/01/2009
A-20090114-01 H1 James Thorne Invite David Sankey to attend meeting for H1. Done. 28/01/2009
A-20090114-03 ILC Shaun de Witt Investigate zero-length files problem that Jan is experiencing with his jobs. Shaun has list of files. Due to timeouts. Done. 28/01/2009
A-20090121-01 All James Thorne Set up a planning page for each experiment. Done. 28/01/2009
A-20090121-03 LHCb Andrew Sansum Ask Gareth Smith to contact LHCb to find out what needs to be done regarding batch queues etc. before CASTOR outages. Done. 28/01/2009
A-20081126-07 CMS Chris Brew, James Jackson, Matt Hodges Co-ordinate batch queue access for testing. Closed. 11/02/2009
A-20090121-04 David Corney Ask Gareth Smith to attend meeting. Closed. 11/02/2009
A-20090128-01 ATLAS Brian Davies Obtain ATLAS CASTOR plans and update the ATLAS planning page on the wiki. Closed. 11/02/2009
A-20090128-02 All Andrew Sansum Check with Tim the availability of tape robots and tape servers for move to new machine room. Closed. 11/02/2009
A-20081126-04 Low ATLAS Brian Davies SRM CP vs Globus URL copy: efficiency of file transfers to tier2s. Still a problem? Ongoing. Waiting for change to new FTS version. Done. 25/02/2009
A-20081210-02 Matt Viljoen Work out how much effort and tape overhead is required to set up a tape pool for each "very small" VO. There may be accounting issues when working out how much tape a VO is using if sharing tapes. Done. 25/02/2009
A-20090121-02 ALICE Chris Kruk Kickstart for ALICE CASTOR/xrootd disk servers. Done. 25/02/2009
A-20090211-01 All Andrew Sansum Talk to Matt to discuss FTS thrrottleback when CASTOR is degraded/broken. Done. 25/02/2009
A-20090211-02 ATLAS James Thorne Add Graeme Stewart to meeting request and reminder list. Done. 25/02/2009
A-20090211-03 LHCb Shaun De Witt Follow up on "non-deleted" files on gdss334 (84 of 95 files shouldn't be there). Done. 25/02/2009
A-20090211-04 LHCb Raja Nandakumar Send shaun a list of files to keep on gdss334. Done 25/02/2009
A-20080130-05 Medium All James Thorne Track/progress exercising of arrays to mitigate against problems with disk servers when put into production. Ongoing, impact is quite large: 6% on writes and 15% on reads. Suggested that we enable daily verifies as they do at CERN. Closed. 25/02/2009
A-20090225-01 MINOS, T2K Shaun de Witt Speak to Nick about the problems of being in more than one VO with same certificate and use of CASTOR. Closed. 25/02/2009
A-20090225-03 All Andrew Sansum Ask Gareth Smith to clarify with the experiments the requirement to close (or not) the batch queues to allow them to drain before a CASTOR intervention. Closed. 25/02/2009
A-20090311-02 ALICE Derek Ross Email Cristina the CPU and disk allocations for ALICE to clarify the current status. Closed. 18/03/2009
A-20090318-01 MICE Jens Jensen Check publishing for MICE as they're getting errors when copying to CASTOR. Closed. 08/04/2009
A-20090311-01 All Experimennt reps. Gather experiments' requirements for CASTOR during data taking and feed back to Matt Viljoen. Closed. 22/04/2009
A-20090408-01 Medium ATLAS Shaun de Witt Follow up with Norman to investigate when ATLAS may/will want to take up CASTOR 2.1.8 for use of xrootd interface. Closed. 22/04/2009
A-20090429-01 Medium ALICE James Thorne Add Lee Barnby to distribution list and meeting. Done. 06/05/2009
A-20090429-03 Medium LHCb Martin Bly Ensure LHCb batch ques are drained for intervention on 18/19 May and paused for 12 May. Closed. We shouldn't have this sort of action on this list. 06/05/2009
A-20081210-03 Low All James Thorne, James Jackson Run James J's benchmarking on new 3ware firmware. Ongoing. Asked James J. either to run the tests or let James T. have the tests and instructions. 20/05/2009
A-20090506-01 High CMS Shaun de Witt Change CMS gridmap file mappings for cmsprg to pcms001. Done. 20/05/2009
A-20090506-02 High All Matt Hodges Speak to Derek regarding pool account to CASTOR mapping issue before any further CE upgrades. Done. 20/05/2009
A-20090521-01 Medium LHCb James Thorne Confirm whether file sizes are limited by ulimit to 4GB on WNs. They are not limited by ulimit. Closed. 27/05/2009
A-20090521-01 Medium ILC Derek Ross Enable 2GB queue for ILC. Done. 27/05/2009