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Count list for minute taking

Works left -> right. EVO meeting = 1: F2F meeting = 5 I've now added the last time minutes were taken in brackets.

IN: Duncan=12 Sam=12 Dan=11 Stephen=12 Kashif=12 Pete=11 Daniela=12 (10.3.15) David=13 Alessandra=12 Brian=12 Gareth=11 Raul=11 Jeremy=12 Ewan=12 Matt=13 AndrewM=13 (1Sep15)

OUT: Mark=6 Chris=9 Wahid=11

Minutes can be found at: UKI-ROC agenda

Action list

Note: I've started putting the new issues at the top. They are just more likely to be relevant, but I was too lazy to invert the whole table. Daniela

Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
O-150818-01 GridPP Document storage and categorisation Steve, Jens 18-08-2015 In progress Steve is going to contact Jens about the storage, categorisation and tagging of useful documents for appropriate find/searchability

O-150818-02 new VOs strategy, tests, timeline Catalin, Jens, Sam, Ewan, Tom Paul 18-08-2015 In progress Please add milestones etc. as appropriate for all new VOs, as well as LIGO (created as separate action but could just be merged with the LIGO one?)
O-150310-01 LIGO strategy, tests, timeline Catalin, Jens, Sam, Ewan, Tom Paul 29-05-2015 In progress Wiki page created (for all new VOs) here. Please add milestones etc. as appropriate.

O-150310-02 Documents to ensure GridPP contacts in VO (and general MoU issues) Jeremy (Ewan, Jens...) 20-06-2015 In progress Find appropriate place to implement our new policy that minor VOs should allow GridPP contacts to be in the VO, at least at the start (the AUP is not the right place, it needs to be elsewhere, maybe MOUs for new VOs?). Update from 18/8 - Ewan's note about the importance of having rights and responsbilities of both sides encapsulated which needs a general agreement from different parties.

See also: Operations Team Completed Actions and Operations Issues . (The Operations Issues page has never been used. Can be abandoned ?)

See also the archived: Deployment Team Completed Actions and Deployment Issues .