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This is a Wiki area to track GridPP operations team actions ===== Count list for minute taking =

Works left -> right. EVO meeting = 1: F2F meeting = 5

IN: Mark=6 Ewan=7 Duncan=9 Sam=8 Wahid=8 Stephen=8 Alessandra=8 Pete=8 Chris=8 David=8 Andrew=8 Kashif=9 Jeremy=9 Daniela=9 Matt=9 Brian=11

Minutes can be found at: UKI-ROC agenda

Action list

Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
O-120410-01 Some Action Some person 25-012-2012 Some status 25-012-2024 Template

O-120605-01 Document how to use robot certificates to perform routine tasks without regular human intervention. Jens Jensen 06-06-2012 Open T2k and snoplus should probably be doing this to routinely move their data. It would be useful to have it documented. 2013-08-20: Jeremy to chase up. (update 21/01/14 follow up at subsequent meeting with Jens)

O-120605-03 Document how to renew a server's grid certificate without loading it into a browser. Jens Jensen, John Kewley 06-06-2012 Should be closed ? If sysadmin A renews a server's certificate on a Friday, then goes on holiday, it would be useful for sysadmin B to deploy the newly renewed certificate. For renewal, you could try this: README QUICKSTART - that's what we use at Imperial. (update 21/01/14 follow up at subsequent meeting with Jens)

O-130513-01 Explore possibilities for LFC backup at a Tier-2 Ops Team 2013-06-14 Open Oracle expertise may be needed. Ian Collier volunteered to confirm this at the Tier 1. (update 21/01/2014, following internal discussions may have this at RAL site, possible Daresbury, Jeremy will follow this up)

O-130528-01 Plan out the future of CE/Batch System integration. Torque/maui are not supported by EGI. Layout an agenda with proposals. Jeremy, Alessandra 2013-05-20 Open Revisit this next time. In progress (2013-08-20). (Update 21/01/14 This is a concern, mentioned at Jan 2014 GDB. Plan to have a pre-GDB to look at batch system issues, also in hepix. Ongoing in terms of a solution but Torque/Maui are going away.)
O-130820-01 Explore LFC/SE consistency checking status and develop tools if needed. Sam 2013-08-20 Open Examining possibility of generalising Biomed tool https://github.com/frmichel/biomed-support-tools/blob/master/SE/consistency/diff-dpm-lfc.sh. Exploring status of the SYNCAT (SEMsg) Working Group via Fabrizio Furano. (Placeholder update 21/01/14, discussed that there may be a need to have a tool and should maybe talk to other VOs, Jeremy said he would update this action)

O-140121-01 Follow up on benchmarking of sites following SL6 upgrade Open
O-140121-02 Progression to using backup VOMS servers Open
O-140225-01 Sites to fill in Batch System Status table Various 11/3/14 Open https://www.gridpp.ac.uk/wiki/Batch_system_status still needs filling in by Brunel, Lancaster, RHUL, UCL, Sheffield, Birmingham, RALPP and Sussex.
O-140225-02 ILC software area migration to cvmfs Sites supporting ILC 4/3/14 Open https://ggus.eu/ws/ticket_info.php?ticket=101502 Sites should move to using cvmfs for ILC or reconsider their support. Will review in next meeting and decide if child tickets are needed.
O-140225-03 Redistribute Perfsonar Documentation Jeremy, Duncan or Steve 4/3/14 Open Sites have asked for Perfsonar documentation, particularly that pertaining to the reinstall, upgrade and mesh deployment, to be redistributed on TB-SUPPORT.

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