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Count list for minute taking

Works top -> bottom. Vidyo meeting = 1: F2F meeting = 5 (count - last time minutes taken in brackets)

Minutes can be found at: Operations

Alessandra Forti (15 - 25.10.16)

Andy Washbrook

Andrew McNab (15 - 27.09.16)

Andrew Lahiff

Brian Davies (15 - 09.08.16)

Daniela Bauer (15 - 23.08.16)

Dan Traynor (15 - 20.12.16)

David Crooks (15 - 14.06.16)

Duncan Rand (16 - 15.11.2016)

Elena Korolkova

Gareth Roy (15 - 4.10.16)

Gordon Stewart (1 - 13.12.2016)

Govind Songara

Ian Loader

Jeremy Coles (15 - 12.01.16)

John Bland

John Hill

Kashif Mohammad (15 - 19.07.16)

Marcus Ebert

Matt Doidge (17 - 08.11.16)

Oliver Smith

Winnie Lacesso

Pete Gronbech (15 - 13.09.16)

Raul Lopes (14- 05.07.2016)

Raja Nandakumar

Robert Currie

Robert Frank

Steve Jones (17 - 18.10.16)

Sam Skipsey (15 - 31.05.16)

Terry Froy

Tom Whyntie

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IN: Daniela=15 (23.08.16), Dan=14(28.6.16), Raul=14 (05.07.2016), Jeremy=15 (12.01.16), Sam=15 (31.05.16), David=15 (14.06.16), Duncan=16 (15.11.2016), Kashif=15 (19.07.16), Brian=15 (09.08.16), Pete=15 (13.09.16), AndrewM=15 (27.09.16), Stephen=17 (18.10.16),Gareth=15 (4.10.16), Alessandra=15 (25.10.16), MattD =17 (08.11.16)

OUT: Mark=6 Chris=9 Wahid=11 Ewan=13 ]

Action list

Please put the new issues at the top.

Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
O-170124-01 Create wiki table tracking recommendations for sites from Jan-17 ATLAS jamboree (https://indico.cern.ch/event/607462/contributions/2448017/attachments/1400779/2137726/JamboreeJan2017.pdf) Sam for storage, +? Open
O-170124-02 Check with Fusion VO admin and, if confirmed, remove obsolete VO documentation from wiki. Steve Closed 2017-01-31
O-160524-02 Look at the storage page on the GridPP wiki to see if it is up to date Sam 2016-06-30 Open (not high priority)
O-150327-02 Put Northgrid VO and other regionals in VO Nagios project Kashif, Alessandra 27-06-2015 on going (Kashif will try and ask (23/08/2016) Discuss whether all the regional VOs should be in this project. All four regional VOs should be supported in VO Nagios in principle, but implementation is not urgent. There is now less emphasis on the regional VOs and it is technically difficult to add them due to the lack of current support of the SAM nagios project and the wish to not beak the existing setup. On hold as of 19/1/2016. Action moved to ARGO https://ggus.eu/?mode=ticket_info&ticket_id=123604
O-160712-01 Jeremy to investigate Indico options for uploading minutes. Jeremy Closed Minutes can be pasted into the header or uploaded with CERN linked accounts. For those without any CERN link the minutes will (as before) need to be emailed to Jeremy
O-160920-01 Sites to review adding modeal VO. All sites. 04-10-16 Open Sites are asked to consider supporting moedal VO at Tom's request. Good opportunity to look at supporting cernatschool (or other VOs) too. https://operations-portal.egi.eu/vo/view/voname/vo.moedal.org

O-160920-02 Sam to liase with Kashif/Alastair regarding Oxford atlas "diskless site" testing. Sam 04-10-16 Closed 2016-01-31 Self explanatory action!
O-161108-00 Review VOs in Incubator page, in an attempt to make the process less sisyphean. Many 31-01-17 Open https://www.gridpp.ac.uk/wiki/GridPP_VO_Incubator - T2K should be added back to this list, Sno+ contact details should be changed to David Auty, SKA to be added to the list. All VOs should be double checked, contacts re-poked if necessary and possibly the status as a Incubator VO re-evaluated. The exceptions seems to be LZ - who are doing well.
  • From 24th January:
  • ACTION: set up table for storage to track recommendations.
  • ACTION: Request for sites to publish storage accounting.
  • ACTION: JC to contact fusion VO admins and confirm.

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