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Bulletin archive

Week commencing Monday 12th September 2016
Task Areas
General updates

Monday 12th September

  • EGI noted today that "Hourly availability and reliability computations have been disabled". This is due to an ongoing service outage on the ~okeanos cloud infrastructure since Friday night.
  • EGI: Feedback requested on "OTAG on ARGO requirements and developments". See the agenda.
  • Marcus raised a question related to: "reported pending jobs when running LHCb and ATLAS jobs on the same site". An ARC CE modification helps.
  • Winnie queries: RC-CE config q: ++accumulating in /var/run/arc/urs! what should cleanup?
  • There is an online agenda for the data pre-GDB on Tuesday 13th.

Monday 22nd August

Monday 8th August

WLCG Operations Coordination - AgendasWiki Page

Monday 18th July

  • There was a WLCG ops coordination meeting on 11th July: Agenda.

Monday 28th June

  • Next MWRG is 6th July.
  • Next ops coordination group meeting 7th July - focus on IPv6

Monday 7th June

  • There was a WLCG ops coordination meeting last Thursday: Agenda | Minutes
    • some of May's events:
    • The decision to create a WLCG Accounting Task Force was approved at the May 24th MB.
    • PIC published on May 18th the SIR on the T10KD problems they were experiencing since last December.
    • Web info around certificates was updated to reflect changes around the OSG PKI.
    • GGUS Release on June 1st. Release notes available.
Tier-1 - Status Page

Tuesday 6th September A reminder that there is a weekly Tier-1 experiment liaison meeting. Notes from the last meeting here

  • We have been running with the re-configured OPN connection, giving a 20Gbit bandwidth, since 4th August. No problems seen with this as yet.
  • We have had some intermittent periods of high packet loss within the Tier1 network in the last week. Problem not yet understood.
Storage & Data Management - Agendas/Minutes

Wednesday 24 August

  • Lots of data related events coming up
  • Finalise future outlook doc?

Wednesday 06 July

  • Tasks for this quarter, and the September data workshop
  • Related activities in other infrastructures, particularly accounting

Wednesday 29 June

  • Data/storage highlights from last week's hepsysman - Marcus' ZFS talk
  • Oliver proposes pre-GDB on data in September
Tier-2 Evolution - GridPP JIRA

Mon 6 Jun

  • GridPP VM vs DIRAC version mismatch found and worked-around.

Friday 29 Apr

  • Vac 01.00 released.

Tuesday 5 Apr

  • Vac 00.22 release (01.00 pre-release) ready. Includes Squid-on-hypervisor config in Puppet module.
  • Aim to do Vac 01.00 release immediately after Pitlochry.

Tuesday 22 Mar

  • GridPP DIRAC SAM tests now have gridpp and vo.northgrid.ac.uk pages
  • Some pheno jobs have been run on VAC.Manchester.uk
  • ATLAS cloud init VMs now running at Liverpool too

Tuesday 15 Mar

  • Vac 00.21 deployed on all/some machines at all 5 production Vac sites
  • Oxford Vac-in-a-Box set up in production
  • ATLAS pilot factory at CERN configured for our ATLAS cloud init VMs
  • ATLAS cloud init VMs running production jobs at Manchester and Oxford; being enabled at other sites
  • vo.northgrid.ac.uk DIRAC jobs running in GridPP DIRAC VMs: should work for any GridPP DIRAC VO, since a parameter to the VM config.
  • Multipayload LHCb pilot scripts tested in VMs: same pilot scripts can be used on VM or batch sites in multiprocessor slots.

Accounting - UK Grid Metrics HEPSPEC06 Atlas Dashboard HS06

Tuesday 14th June

  • GridPP accounting switched to use the 'new' EGI accounting portal.
  • APEL delays from UK sites look about 'normal' (i.e. delays are typical).

Tuesday 9th February

  • 4th Feb: The data from the APEL summariser that was fixed yesterday has now propagated through the data pipeline and the Accounting Portal views and the Sync and Pub tests are all working again.
  • Sheffield is slightly behind other sites (but looks normal) and so is QMUL.

Tuesday 24th November

  • Slight delay for Sheffield.

Tuesday 3rd November

  • APEL delay (normal state) Lancaster and Sheffield.

Tuesday 20th October The WLCG MB decided to create a Benchmarking Task force led by Helge Meinhard see talk

Documentation - KeyDocs

Tue 6th Sept Benchmarking procedure. Contains instructions for ARC/Condor, CREAM/Torque, VAC. Needs to be updated for use with other systems.


Mon 1st Aug LZ VO now up to date in portal, and will be updated in Approved VOs automatically from now on. Sites supporting LZ are advised to read LZ VOMS settings section of https://www.gridpp.ac.uk/wiki/GridPP_approved_VOs (which is between LSST and MAGIC!)

Tue 26th July

Elena has provided VOMS info for DUNE. I'm maintaining it by hand, at present, similarly for LZ.

Both should be present and correct in the Operations Portal, but are not.


Tue 5th July

SJ: Changes to approved VOs, to discuss.


  • DTEAM CA_DN changed
  • CDF voms.fnal DN changed (contains 'voms2')
  • DZERO voms.fnal DN changed (contains 'voms2')
  • LSST Duplication (voms1.fnal.gov) removed, by converting it to voms.fnal.gov. Also corresponding changes to admin servers.
  • Changes to Resource Requirements for icecube (HW+cvmfs), na62 (HW+cvmfs) and zeus.

Friday 27th May

  • New Approved VOs published; icecube and fermilab


Tuesday 17th May

  • TW implementing use-cases summary matrix according to these:
    • CERN@school - LUCID (full workflow with DIRAC)
    • GalDyn (full workflow with DIRAC)
    • PRaVDA (full workflow with DIRAC)
    • LSST (full workflow with Ganga + DIRAC)
    • EUCLID (full workflow at the RAL T1)
    • DiRAC (data storage/transfer)
    • SNO+ (data transfer/networking)

General note

See the worst KeyDocs list for documents needing review now and the names of the responsible people.

Interoperation - EGI ops agendas

Monday 18th July

  • EGI ops coordination meeting on the 18th.
  • Delayed from last week due to holidays
  • UMD 3.14.3 to be released, fixing problem with gpgkeys, urgent (could be out by now)
  • 4.1.1 at the end of June fixing edg-mkgridmap issue
  • 4.2.0 end of July
  • Planned to return to schedule after release of CMD v1, partly after new RT released for EGI
  • SL5 NGI SAMs can be decommissioned
  • New direct submission CREAM probes
  • RFC proxies to be the default
  • New config for DTEAM VOs (new .lsc config)
  • SL5 report submitted
  • Issues with storage migration to be discussed on mailing list

Monitoring - Links MyWLCG

Tuesday 1st December

Tuesday 16th June

  • F Melaccio & D Crooks decided to add a FAQs section devoted to common monitoring issues under the monitoring page.
  • Feedback welcome.

Tuesday 31st March

Monday 7th December

On-duty - Dashboard ROD rota

Monday 22nd August

  • Unusually quiet week. Nothing significant.
  • Portal very slow at times though.
  • New rota meet-o-matic request circulated - ROD team members please respond this week!

Monday 28th June

  • The ROD rota needs to be updated.

Friday 17th June

  • The ROD Dashboard has been slow to update one ticket: 122190 against RHUL. This I verified some time (hours) ago and it is still showing up. Hopefully the dashboard will catch up over the weekend.

Monday 13th June

  • Quiet week.
  • Still problems at Brunel due to there being two bdiis.

Rollout Status WLCG Baseline

Tuesday 7th December

  • Raul reports: validation of site BDII on Centos 7 done.

Tuesday 15th September

Tuesday 12th May

  • MW Readiness WG meeting Wed May 6th at 4pm. Attended by Raul, Matt, Sam and Jeremy.


Security - Incident Procedure Policies Rota

Tuesday 13th September

  • WLCG Traceability and Isolation WG (Vidyo meeting) 14th Sept. [1]

Tuesday 6th September

  • Closure report for incident EGI-20160509 involving CESNET cloud service and others circulated to security contacts.

Tuesday 9th August

  • Completed notifications for Argus banning for SE's supporting OPS VO. Still a handful of sites to fix. Thanks for your cooperation. - IanN
  • Vulnerability advisories
    • One EGI SVG advisory TLP GREEN (Community Wide) Affecting EGI FedCloud [2] (available after 22nd Aug)

Tuesday 2nd August

  • Vulnerability advisories -
    • One EGI SVG advisory TLP AMBER (Limited Distribution) [3] (available after 10th Aug)

The EGI security dashboard.

Services - PerfSonar dashboard | GridPP VOMS

- This includes notifying of (inter)national services that will have an outage in the coming weeks or will be impacted by work elsewhere. (Cross-check the Tier-1 update).

Tuesday 10th May

  • Next LHCOPN and LHCONE meeting: Helsinki (FI) 19-20 of September 2016: Agenda.

Tuesday 22nd March

Tuesday 8th December

  • Given the recent network issues and role of GridPP DIRAC, there are plans to have a slave DNS for gridpp.ac.uk at Imperial and hopefully the T1 too. Andrew will seek an update to the whois records and name servers once the other host sites are confirmed.
  • Looking at the network problems this week will be of interest. Duncan supplied this link and Ewan the one for the dual stack instance.

Monday 12th September 2016, 15.00 GMT
33 Open UK tickets. Down to 29 this morning!

I'm just going to skim the Sussex tickets, I'll contact Jeremy M about these again offline.
122772 (On Hold) - Atlas webdav/xroot ticket.
123230 (In progress) - Atlas transfer failures, was partially fixed as of 15/8.
123740 (Assigned) - Recent low availability ticket.
123733 (Assigned) - Ops SRM-LS test failures.
122614 (In progress) - Technically a ticket to the NGI concerning the Sussex status, not a Sussex ticket.

123859 (12/9)
CMS noticed that the Phedex agents appear to be down at RALPP. Fresh this afternoon. Assigned (12/9)

123858 (12/9)
A duplicate of above, I believe because you run 2 Phedex boxes? Assigned (12/9) Update - one of these was a duplicate, but they're both solved, network issues seemed to be the underlying problem.

123804 (9/9)
Low availability ticket, Chris provided an explanation and notes that there have been no tests since - possibly related to the problems noticed in this morning's EGI broadcast. In progress (9/9)

121924 (2/6)
A ticket from Duncan concerning a drop in perfsonar throughput rates at Oxford. Currently on hold - any ideas perhaps when you'll get round to looking at this? On hold (10/8)

123860 (12/9)
Another fresh "Phedex is down" ticket from CMS. Assigned (12/9) Update - solved alongside the RALPP tickets.

122771 (11/7)
Atlas ticket requesting xroot and webdav endpoints. The submitter requests an update. In progress (12/9)

120351 (22/3)
Enabling LSST at Glasgow. Any news, or plans for having any news soonish? On hold (19/7)

122378 (28/6)
No perfsonar results for Glasgow, the server appeared borked so David took it down. Is it soon due to rise from the ashes soonish? On hold (28/6)

123732 (5/9)
Nagios ticket for ce6 and ce7, which I believe are defunct CEs? Marcus has put the ticket on hold until Andy is back. On hold (5/9)

123164 (28/7)
Another nagios ticket, a glue2.validate one this time. Andy was confused about where this was coming from, and I assume the alarm is still happening. Perhaps the glue-validator will yield some clues? Waiting for reply (29/8)

122653 (7/7)
The third nagios ticket for ECDF, this one covers the odd saga of the ARCHER queue that would ideally be "IN PRODUCTION, NOT MONITORED". Waiting for reply (this probably should on hold instead) (5/9)

123810 (9/9)
LHCB noticed that the arc CEs were producing an incorrect number of running/waiting jobs (was this the catalyst for the tb-support thread on the same subject?). The ticket could do with acknowledgment, perhaps someone in the know could lend Durham a hand. Assigned (9/9) In progress now

123851 (12/9)
APEL-pub ROD ticket. Matt R has rerun the apel publishing scripts by hand and is awaiting the results, if this doesn't work we might need to ask the apel people how things are looking their end. In progress (12/9)

123813 (10/9)
Atlas deletion errors, probably due to a downed disk server that has been brought back up. In progress (12/9) Solved.

123789 (8/9)
LHCB jobs failing at Lancaster, probably because they're sensitive to some problems we had with our NFS server housing home and sandbox areas. We've hopefully soothed our problems by upping the number of nfs threads, we're in the wait and see period. In progress (12/9)

123734 (5/9)
ROD apel ticket for UCL. Ben is investigating, it looks like some VAC boxes are having trouble talking to the network. In progress (7/9)

123400 (15/8)
Low availability ticket for QM, but Daniela notes the alarms appear to have cleared so this should be able to be closed. On hold (12/9)

123451 (18/8)
LHCB had problems with a QM CE, which Dan noticed was fubared and needed a reinstall. Should hopefully be back online soon? On hold (18/8)

Raul solved the two tickets before I could get to them, nicely done.

100IT have a ticket - 123753 (6/9) but you don't have to bring yourselves to look at it.

The TIER 1
123794 (9/9)
Atlas noticed a lot of analysis job failures, after some prodding it turned out that the culprit was one dodgy worker node. Case closed? In progress (9/9)

122827 (12/7)
Sno+ asking for more disk, this has developed into some discussion and Alastair has added a few more points. Matt M has expanded on the Sno+ needs, and has decided to make more use of Tier 2 space for Sno+, which many or may not keep them ticking over until Echo is upon is. In progress (24/8)

120350 (22/3)
Enabling LSST at RAL. "Proper" test jobs are failed, Alessandra has put the ticket on hold until the issue can be debugged properly.

123504 (19/8)
Jon Perkins noticed that the WMSes at RAL didn't seem to be updating proxies at Sheffield for some long T2K jobs. A conversation was started but seemed to have stalled, it seemed some weird resource matching errors were going on. The landscape might have changed in the last 3 weeks however. In progress (23/8)

122364 (27/6)
cvmfs support for solidexperiment.org. After some solid progress the ticket is on hold waiting for someone VO side to try to roll out some experiment software in anger. On hold (24/8)

117683 (18/11/2015)
Developing glue2 support for Castor. Any update will do?! On hold (5/4)

119995 (7/3)
The culling of the uncertified sites. The old Glasgow Pre-production service was mentioned too. In progress (23/8)

So long EFDA-JET
122198 (17/6)
The jet decommissioning ticket. The other related ticket (123291) was closed as I wrote this report, so it won't be long until this ticket should be closed. Bye Jet! On Hold (1/9)

Tools - MyEGI Nagios

' 13th September 2016

19th July

Both instances of gridppnagios at Oxford and Lancaster has been decommissioned.

12th July 2016

Central ARGO monitoring service has started from 1st of July. All grid resources are monitored through two Nagios instances



It has same interface as gridppnagios. Alarms from these instances goes to Operational Dashboard

http://argo.egi.eu/ is a web interface which provides availability/reliability figures and site status. It is equivalent of old myegi interface with some additional services.

I am planning to decommission both instances of gridppnagios in coming weeks. I have stopped nagios and httpd on both instances so it will not send tests to grid resources in UK. I will also decommission storage-monit.physics.ox.ac.uk which was only used for storage replication test.

We will keep vo-nagios.physics.ox.ac.uk running until we get a replacement for vo-monitoring.

Monday 13th June

  • Active Nagios instance moved to Lancaster

Tuesday 5th April 2016

Oxford had a scheduled network warning so active nagios instance was moved from Oxford to Lancaster. I am not planning to move it back to Oxford for the time being.

Tuesday 26th Jan 2016

One of the message broker was in downtime for almost three days. Nagios probes picks up a random message broker and failover is not working so a lot of ops jobs hanged for long time. Its a known issue and unlikely to be fixed as SAM Nagios is in its last leg. Monitoring is moving to ARGO and many things are not clear at the moment.

Monday 30th November

  • The SAM/ARGO team has created a document describing Availability reliability calculation in ARGO tool.
VOs - GridPP VOMS VO IDs Approved VO table

Tuesday 19th May

  • There is a current priority for enabling/supporting our joining communities.

Tuesday 5th May

  • We have a number of VOs to be removed. Dedicated follow-up meeting proposed.

Tuesday 28th April

  • For SNOPLUS.SNOLAB.CA, the port numbers for voms02.gridpp.ac.uk and voms03.gridpp.ac.uk have both been updated from 15003 to 15503.

Tuesday 31st March

  • LIGO are in need of additional support for debugging some tests.
  • LSST now enabled on 3 sites. No 'own' CVMFS yet.
Site Updates

Tuesday 23rd February

  • For January:

ALICE: All okay.

RHUL 89%:89% Lancaster 0%:0%

RALPP: 80%::80%

RALPP: 77%:77%

  • Site responses:
    • RHUL: The largest problem was related to the SRM. The DPM version was upgraded and it took several weeks to get it working again (13 Jan onwards). Several short-lived occurrences of running out of space on the SRM for non-ATLAS VOs. For around 3 days (15-17 Jan) the site suffered from a DNS configuration error by their site network manager which removed their SRM from the DNS, causing external connections such as tests and transfers to fail. For one day (25 Jan) the site network was down for upgrade to the 10Gb link to JANET. Some unexpected problems occurred extending the interruption from an hour to a day. The link has been successfully commissioned.
    • Lancaster: The ASAP metric for Lancaster for January is 97.5 %. There is a particular problem with ATLAS SAM tests which doesn’t affect the site activity in production and analysis and this relates to the path name being too long. A re-calculation has been performed.
    • RALPP: Both CMS and LHCb low figures are due to specific CMS jobs overloading the site SRM head node. The jobs should have stopped now.

Meeting Summaries
Project Management Board - MembersMinutes Quarterly Reports


GridPP ops meeting - Agendas Actions Core Tasks


RAL Tier-1 Experiment Liaison Meeting (Wednesday 13:30) Agenda Meeting takes place on Vidyo.

Highlights from this meeting are now included in the Tier1 report farther up this page.

WLCG Grid Deployment Board - Agendas MB agendas


NGI UK - Homepage CA


UK ATLAS - Shifter view News & Links

Atlas S&C week 2-6 Feb 2015


• Prodsys-2 in production since Dec 1st

• Deployment has not been transparent , many issued has been solved, the grid is filled again

• MC15 is expected to start soon, waiting for physics validations, evgen testing is underway and close to finalised.. Simulation expected to be broadly similar to MC14, no blockers expected.


• Rucio in production since Dec 1st and is ready for LHC RUN-2. Some fields need improvements, including transfer and deletion agents, documentation and monitoring.

Rucio dumps available.

Dark data cleaning

files declaration . Only Only DDM ops can issue lost files declaration for now, cloud support needs to fill a ticket.

• Webdav panda functional tests with Hammercloud are ongoing


Main page

DDM Accounting




• ASAP (ATLAS Site Availability Performance) in place. Every 3 months the T2s sites performing BELOW 80% are reported to the International Computing Board.





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To note

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