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'''Tuesday 5th Jun'''
* RHUL updated to Vac 3.0 / Vac-in-a-Box 1.0 last week, including support for custom network configurations (network port bonding)
'''Tuesday 15th May'''
'''Tuesday 15th May'''
* New WLCG Lightweight Sites WG starting: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LCG/LightweightSites
* New WLCG Lightweight Sites WG starting: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LCG/LightweightSites
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* Updated the instructions in the wiki about supporting GridPP DIRAC Service VOs at Vac sites. This makes use of the multipart vacuum pipes in Vac 3.0, which allow the definitions of multiple VMs to be obtained from a single JSON file: https://www.gridpp.ac.uk/wiki/Vac_configuration_for_GridPP_DIRAC  (The same mechanism will work in Vcycle 1.0)
* Updated the instructions in the wiki about supporting GridPP DIRAC Service VOs at Vac sites. This makes use of the multipart vacuum pipes in Vac 3.0, which allow the definitions of multiple VMs to be obtained from a single JSON file: https://www.gridpp.ac.uk/wiki/Vac_configuration_for_GridPP_DIRAC  (The same mechanism will work in Vcycle 1.0)
'''Tuesday 10 Apr '''
* Vac 3.0 and Vcycle 1.0 released: see GridPP40 talk for details. In particular, it is now possible to add all the GridPP DIRAC VOs to a Vac or Vcycle site with three lines of configuration.
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Bulletin archive

Week commencing Monday 4th June 2018
Task Areas
General updates

Monday 21st May

  • CHEP 2018 registration is open until June 2nd.
  • As of 15th May: EUGridPMA have announced a new set of CA rpms.
  • AD will talk on Rucio work at the storage meeting tomorrow.
  • The WLCG weekly ops meeting takes place on Tuesday this week (meeting notes).

Monday 14th May

Tuesday 8th May

WLCG Operations Coordination - AgendasWiki Page

Monday 16th April

  • There was a meeting on 12th. Agenda | Minutes.
    • Balazs Konya is new in the role of WLCG Middleware Officer.
    • Next meeting 7th June.
    • Delay for submission of GGUS tickets for recalculation should be respected. It is 10 days after monthly drafts of the availability reports are sent around by WLCG project office. If the GGUS tickets are not submitted respecting 10 days delay, they are not accepted.
    • A/R recalculations will be accepted if they are relevant to the site MoU commitment or concern time ranges of sufficient length.

Monday 5th March

  • The agenda and minutes from the WLCG ops coordination meeting last week are available.
  • Special topics were: CNAF recovery update; SAM recalculation policy draft discussion and Progress on WLCG Storage Space Accounting Prototype including tape metrics.

Tuesday 27th February

Tier-1 - Status Page

Tuesday 5th June Report for the Experiments Liaison Report (04/06/2018) is here.

  • For the avoidance of doubt regards confusion over the status of both the BDii and Castor services. Tier-1 have NOT stopped or decommissioned these services. What has changed is that the Castor information stopped getting published in the BDii. This was due to a failure of the machine running the Castor Information Provide (CIP). The CIP was a legacy part of Castor (It didn't support GLUE2 schema), and was due to be decommissioned, the hardware failure expedited this issue. Although we admit this is not ideal, we decided against bringing back a service simply to then inform people we would shortly remove it.
Storage & Data Management - Agendas/Minutes

Wed 16 May

  • Operational issues some of which at least are due to timeouts hardwired in the system.
  • Report on CERN data lakes - still lots of questions, though. Maybe if we could try it out?

Wed 02 May

  • DPM DOME discussion... will Glasgow (or someone else) volunteer to test before DPM workshop?
  • Storage agenda for HEPiX

Monday 30th April

  • There is a new recommended GridFTP configuration change to accommodate checksum.

Wed 25 Apr

  • Discussion regarding CMS (ab)use of Bristol?
  • Report on impact of Spectre and Meltdown BIOS patches
Tier-2 Evolution - GridPP JIRA

Tuesday 5th Jun

  • RHUL updated to Vac 3.0 / Vac-in-a-Box 1.0 last week, including support for custom network configurations (network port bonding)

Tuesday 15th May

Tuesday 8th May

  • Updated the instructions in the wiki about supporting GridPP DIRAC Service VOs at Vac sites. This makes use of the multipart vacuum pipes in Vac 3.0, which allow the definitions of multiple VMs to be obtained from a single JSON file: https://www.gridpp.ac.uk/wiki/Vac_configuration_for_GridPP_DIRAC (The same mechanism will work in Vcycle 1.0)

Accounting - UK Grid Metrics HEPSPEC06 Atlas Dashboard HS06

Tuesday 6th February

Tuesday 30th January

Tuesday 24th Oct

Monday 16th January

  • The discussion topic for next week will be accounting comparisons. Please note Alessandra's comments last week.

Monday 14th November

  • Alessandra has written an FAQ to extract numbers from ATLAS and APEL avoiding the SSB.

Monday 26th September

  • A problem with the APEL Pub and Sync tests developed last Tuesday and was resolved on Wednesday. This had a temporary impact on the accounting portal.
Documentation - KeyDocs

Tuesday 8th May 2018

  • Updating GridPP website certificate to avoid Chrome warnings

Tuesday 6th March 2018

The DTEAM VO has now changed its VOMS server. Please see alert notice here: https://www.gridpp.ac.uk/wiki/GridPP_approved_VOs

Tuesday 22nd Jan 2018


  • New Approved VO

A VO, solidexperiment.org, has been included in the GridPP Approved VOs document. Sites are requested to support this experiment, resources permitting.


  • In the Ops Portal, LHCb mentions a new cvmfs mount, /cvmfs/lhcb-condb.cern.ch
  • A voms server for magic, voms02.pic.es, has an updated DN.

Tuesday 9th Jan 2018 Changes to Approved VOs.

a) VOMS servers for planck, ipv6.hepix.org and enmr are now restored to as they were before the flooding at CNAF. b) The DN of a VOMS server for magic has changed.


Tuesday 5th Sept 2017

New Approved VO. SKA European regional data centre, skatelescope.eu


This VO is ramping up and has requested support. Andrew McNab is the contact person for GridPP.

General note

See the worst KeyDocs list for documents needing review now and the names of the responsible people.

Interoperation - EGI ops agendas Indico schedule

Monday 14th May

  • Next meeting June 11th

Tuesday 24th April

  • The next EGI OMB is on 3rd May

Tuesday 6/3

Monitoring - Links MyWLCG

Tuesday 4th July

  • There were a number of useful links provided in the monitoring talks at the WLCG workshop in Manchester - especially those in the Wednesday sessions.

Monday 13th February

  • This category is pretty much inactive. Are there any topics under "monitoring" that anyone wants reported at this ops meeting? If not we will remove this section from the regular updates area of the bulletin and just leave the main links.

Tuesday 1st December

Tuesday 16th June

  • F Melaccio & D Crooks decided to add a FAQs section devoted to common monitoring issues under the monitoring page.
  • Feedback welcome.

On-duty - Dashboard ROD rota

Monday 21st May

Monday 5th March

  • AM->GS. A quiet week last week.

Rollout Status WLCG Baseline

Monday 20th November

Historical References

Security - Incident Procedure Policies Rota

Tuesday 5th June

  • Advisory update
  • David now in post
  • Meeting scheduled for this afternoon

Tuesday 15th May

  • Meeting scheduled for this afternoon

Tuesday 8th May

  • EGI IGTF CA update, version 1.91-1 ticket created [EGI #14315]

Monday 30th April

  • (David) Any feedback from the EOSC security communications meeting?

Tuesday 24th April

Tuesday 20th March

Communication challenge took place on Wednesday 14th March.

Services - PerfSonar production dashboard |PerfSonar development dashboard | OSG Networking and perfSONAR pages | GridPP VOMS

- This includes notifying of (inter)national services that will have an outage in the coming weeks or will be impacted by work elsewhere. (Cross-check the Tier-1 update).

Monday 30th April

Monday 19th February

Please could sites upgrade their perfsonar hosts to CentOS7. Instructions are here. Current OS versions here.

  • Duncan has recreated the UK perfSONAR mesh. Link here!


Monday 4th June 2018, 14.30 BST
45 Open UK Tickets this month.

IPv6 Tickets.

SUSSEX: 131617
Some good progress here with the last update on Friday painting a hopeful picture of IPv6 come the autumn.

RALPP: 131616
Last update had Chris trying to beat his dual-stacked PS boxes into shape - but this was back in January. Needless to say the ticket needs an update!

OXFORD: 131615
Last update was back in March, with summer the likely timeframe for v6 deployment. Three months on the ticket could do with a slight update to re-confirm this is still the case.

It's a similar case for Cambridge.

BRISTOL: 131613
Any news on your plans from back in April to get your PS box onto a v6-enabled network?

Some recent good news here with Mark getting his PS box (kindof) v6 pingable, just waiting on the v6 DNS now.

GLASGOW: 131611
Gareth covered his bases well with his update back in February. Hopefully the new build is on schedule.

ECDF: 131610
Andy gave a mixed update a few weeks ago, citing some v6 routing differences and an upcoming wholesale networking overhaul scheduled for September so the ticket is freshly on hold pending more information.

DURHAM: 131609
A quick update last month reports no significant progress.

Elena gave an update at the end of April, with work on the border routers scheduled for May. Hopefully that went well and you'll have more information soon.

Any plans on dual-stacking your storage after your Perfsonar successes?

Any news on those ongoing negotiations mentioned in the last March update?

UCL: 131604
Have re-poked their network admins over this.

RHUL: 131603
No news for a while after the February update that v6 reverse-lookup wasn't working.

Back to the regular tickets...

135038 (9/5)
Review of the GOCDB info for the NGI. On to the second stage of the review now, but it's still a good time for sites to double-check their gocdb entries if they haven't recently. In progress (22/5)

135485 (3/6)
A fresh in ticket from Sno+, concerning the bdii information disappearing from their feeds. Assigned (4/6)

135121 (15/5)
A ROD ticket for failed webdav tests. The tests were doomed to never work, so Lukasz disabled the endpoint in the gocdb. Daniela reckoned the ticket needs to be closed to try and see if it disables the alarms. In progress (24/5)

135120 (15/5)
Another week or so and this availability ticket should be able to be closed - until then it should be On-Hold'd. Reopened (4/6)

135302 (23/5)
CMS transfer failure ticket. It looks like this ticket hasn't been noticed yet. Assigned (23/5)

134820 (29/4)
This CMS pledge enquiry ticket has had the question answered. I suspect it can be closed. In progress (1/5)

129930 (4/8/17)
The old atlas http test failure ticket. How goes the EOS migration? On hold (23/4)

134689 (23/4)
Perfsonar update ticket. Gareth is waiting on 4.1 to be released (which I can't find any news on). On Hold (24/4)

135243 (21/5)
ROD ticket for failed srm-put tests- Rob had to restart things to get them working but no shifting the alarms joy at first. The tests seem okay for the last day. In progress (24/5)

135314 (24/5)
Another ROD ticket, this one for old IGTF rpms on the workers. As a quick note that may be helpful, an up-to-date version of the certificates is kept in /cvmfs/grid.cern.ch/etc/grid-security/ . In progress (28/5)

135404 (30/5)
The resulting low availability ticket for the previous issues. In progress (30/5)

134687 (23/4)
Request to update the Durham perfsonar. Any news? In progress (30/4)

134947 (4/5)
Atlas transfer failures - one of the C7 DPM problem tickets- see this ticket. On hold (31/5) Update - the Oxford version of this ticket (134945 was solved by upgrading to the latest version of gsoap (as mentioned in the jira ticket).

134684 (23/4)
Perfsonar upgrade request ticket. Alessandra still wants to know how necessary this update is (my thoughts are it will be quite necessary, *once* Perfsonar 4.1 is out, but I don't have Duncan's expertise). Waiting for reply (23/4)

134686 (23/4)
Another perfsonar upgrade ticket, Ben was looking at it at the last update. Any joy? On Hold (23/4)

134945 (4/5)
Another atlas transfer ticket due to the C7 DPM troubles. On hold (17/5)

134532 (12/4)
The return of an old LHCB download problem, where the turl can't be resolved. Daniel has applied a fix to his production SE. Any news that it's worked? In progress (14/5)

134573 (17/4)
CMS request to install singularity, on hold until the Summer move to C7. On hold (17/4)

132929 (18/1)
CMS seeing SLURM accounting problems. The APEL devs are involved now, and have asked for some parser outputs to test some stuff. In progress (10/5)

135464 (1/6)
A CMS ticket about checksum failures that came in on Friday afternoon. Files are being declared invalid after being double-checked, and another transfer failure query has been tacked onto the ticket today. In progress (4/6)

134567 (17/4)
A ticket concerning the site rather then a site ticket, the declaration of some lost Pheno files. I poked it today. In progress (4/6) Closed by Pheno, so all's well.

133956 (9/3)
A CMS xroot config change ticket. Any luck with rolling out these changes after your troubles getting the new hardware to roll them out onto? In progress (23/4)

135367 (28/5)
Another SNO+ information system ticket, this one has a lot of conversation going on in it about Castor publishing even before it landed at the Tier 1 (see the mice ticket below). In progress (4/6)

135133 (15/5)
CMS spotting corrupt files on ECHO, which looked not just be a problem with the file but perhaps with their metadata as well? A lot of conversation has occurred in this ticket so I'm not entirely sure what has occurred, but corrupt files have been deleted. Waiting for reply (4/6)

134685 (23/4)
Another request to upgrade Perfsonar to C7. At last check some C7 perfsonars were up and running in testing. Any luck getting them into production? In progress (2/5)

135308 (24/5)
MICE problems after the loss of Castor publishing. Henry has hit a problem when trying to combine the workarounds with LFC entries. In progress (1/6)

135293 (23/5)
ROD tickets, again related to the loss of castor publishing. Alastair has put in a request for the SRM Ops tests for Castor to be removed. On Hold (31/5)

134703 (23/4)
CMS transfers failing from RAL_disk. It appears files were being sent to the wrong namespace. There has since been a lot of lists of files being searched for. Any luck getting to the bottom of this? In progress (25/5)

135455 (31/5)
CMS checksum verification at RAL. This looks to be a duplication of 135133 but I think you guys already spotted that. In progress (4/6)

127597 (7/4/17)
CMS wanting to know about the RAL networking. After the new firewall went in at the end of April Chris asked for some RAL/RALPP job performance comparisons to try to see how xroot proxies could affect things. No news back, but the question could be lost in the noise. On Hold (30/4)

124876 (7/11/16)
Gridftp tests failing for ECHO due to a problem with the tests - after 117683 was left unsolved this is our oldest ticket. Not a hint of movement on the counter ticket (125026) for a long time. I think we could do with weighing up our options here. On hold (13/11/17)

Tools - MyEGI Nagios

Monday 20th November

Tuesday 18th July

  • Following our ops discussion last week, Steve will focus his tests on supporting the GridPP DIRAC area and decommission the other tests.

VOs - GridPP VOMS VO IDs Approved VO table

Monday 20th November

  • Tom Whyntie has requested (and been granted) access to the GridPP VO to get some pipelines working for large-scale processing and analysis of MRI scans associated with the UK Biobank project.
  • All VOs in the incubation page being prompted for updates by the end of November (required input for OC documents).
  • QMUL (Steve L) is following up on the biomed MoU. GridPP want to be cited in research papers for the support our resources/sites provide.

Site Updates


Meeting Summaries
Project Management Board - MembersMinutes Quarterly Reports


GridPP ops meeting - Agendas Actions Core Tasks


RAL Tier-1 Experiment Liaison Meeting (Wednesday 13:30) Agenda Meeting takes place on Vidyo.

Highlights from this meeting are now included in the Tier1 report farther up this page.

WLCG Grid Deployment Board - Agendas MB agendas


NGI UK - Homepage CA


UK ATLAS - Shifter view News & Links

Atlas S&C week 2-6 Feb 2015


• Prodsys-2 in production since Dec 1st

• Deployment has not been transparent , many issued has been solved, the grid is filled again

• MC15 is expected to start soon, waiting for physics validations, evgen testing is underway and close to finalised.. Simulation expected to be broadly similar to MC14, no blockers expected.


• Rucio in production since Dec 1st and is ready for LHC RUN-2. Some fields need improvements, including transfer and deletion agents, documentation and monitoring.

Rucio dumps available.

Dark data cleaning

files declaration . Only Only DDM ops can issue lost files declaration for now, cloud support needs to fill a ticket.

• Webdav panda functional tests with Hammercloud are ongoing


Main page

DDM Accounting




• ASAP (ATLAS Site Availability Performance) in place. Every 3 months the T2s sites performing BELOW 80% are reported to the International Computing Board.





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To note

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