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* [http://accounting.egi.eu/egi.php EGI production view]
* [http://accounting.egi.eu/egi.php EGI production view]
==  Storage ==
* [http://www2.ph.ed.ac.uk/~wbhimji/SRMMonitoring/ Wahid's storage monitoring]
== Experiment Monitoring ==
== Experiment Monitoring ==

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Grid Monitoring

UKI Nagios/myegi monitoring

See also https://www.gridpp.ac.uk/wiki/UKI_WLCG_Regional_Nagios

My EGI Central reports nagios results from the local instances in Lancaster or Oxford depending on which is active. The links below may or may not work. Use with a grain of salt.

Security monitoring

Transfers and Networking Monitoring


Experiment Monitoring







Status tracking links

Links for tracking the deployment status at sites.

This page is a Key Document, and is the responsibility of Alessandra Forti. It was last reviewed on 2015-02-18 when it was considered to be 90% complete. It was last judged to be accurate on 2015-02-18.