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User setup

Sites setup

VOMS YAIM config

VOMS_SERVERS="'vomss://'" VOMSES="'lsst 15003 /DC=org/DC=opensciencegrid/O=Open Science Grid/OU=Services/ lsst' 'lsst 15003 /DC=org/DC=opensciencegrid/O=Open Science Grid/OU=Services/ lsst' " VOMS_CA_DN="'/DC=org/DC=cilogon/C=US/O=CILogon/CN=CILogon OSG CA 1' '/DC=org/DC=cilogon/C=US/O=CILogon/CN=CILogon OSG CA 1' "




  • 20 normal accounts mapped to the generic role
  • 10 pilot accounts mapped to the pilot role

Storage: Yes, it is used. There isn't yet a specific requirement but LSST users will use few TB across different sites