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LFC Connectivity Requirements

If you are planning to co-deploy the LFC with another middleware service it's important to know which ports it requires (which is the only source of conflict with another service):

LFC Server Ports
Server Port Possible Conflicts
LFC 5010 DPM DPNS Nameserver
LFC-DLI 8085 None known

The LFC-DLI is now required, even for local catalogs.

Not that if you are intending to run a central catalog, even for local VOs, it would not be advisable to share this service because central catalogs are a critical service.

Sharing Recommendation

If you are a small site, and unable to dedicate a node to the catalog, the recommendation would be to install the LFC on your MON box. This has been successfully tried in GridPP and tested for the LCG 2.7.0 release.

In this case, review the standard LFC YAIM Install, then install in the usual YAIM multi-node way:

 # /opt/lcg/yaim/scripts/install_node /etc/lcg/site-info.def lcg-LFC_mysql lcg-MON
 # /opt/lcg/yaim/scripts/configure_node /etc/lcg/site-info.def LFC_mysql MON