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By Hand Method

To publish information about the LFC to the LCG top level BDIIs, an entry needs to be added in BDII configuration file on the CE to poll the GRIS on the LFC.

Modify /opt/bdii/etc/bdii-update.conf and add a line like

 LFC  ldap://my-lfc.server.ac.uk:2135/mds-vo-name=local,o=grid

Then restart the BDII.

YAIM Method

YAIM can be used to achieve the same thing by modifying site-info.def on the CE:

  • Add a new BDII region, LFC, to site-info.def, e.g.
  • Add a URL for the LFC node's GRIS
  • Rerun the BDII YAIM script:
 /opt/lcg/yaim/scripts/run_function SITE-INFO.DEF config_bdii