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GridPP has a project on the CERN central JIRA service which can be used for tracking issues, tasks, and bugs. Care must be taken to avoid duplicating the functionality of the GGUS ticketing system which is mainly used for problems at sites and in middleware systems.

This service is still experimental and being evaluated for production use.

Roles and permissions

By default, issues can only be viewed by people who are members of the project. Most people should be Users in JIRA's software development inspired terminology. This gives them the right to create issues and post comments. Individuals can be added by hand using their full or lightweight CERN accounts, but members of the CERN e-groups gridpp-ops, gridpp-t2evo, and gridpp-pmb are automatically added to the project every day or so. Some people will need to be Developers so they can edit issues submitted by other users, reassign them etc. These people have to be added by hand. Another group of Administrators have the ability to change people's role.

If you want to access the GridPP JIRA service but can't, please contact Andrew McNab to investigate why and/or add you to the project.


Issues are associated with components, and a subset have been defined so far for testing. Where possible, the names of components should be chosen to group similar topics together when viewed on the alphanumerically sorted lists JIRA presents to users when creating issues. For example, Tier-2 sites have been named "T2: Xyz" and the Tier-1 as "T1: RAL" to group components representing sites together.