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The status of IPv6 deployment in the whole WLCG is being tracked, including GGUS tickets for each site, here.

Site Discussed with local networking team Asked for some IPv6 addresses Has IPv6 addresses IPv6 allocation IPv6 enabled hosts (1) IPv6 hostnames resolvable via IPv6 (2) Joined HEPIX gridftp testbed (no longer relevant) Joined HEPIX phedex testbed (no longer relevant) Dual-stack perfSONAR host Dual-stack worker nodes Dual-stack grid services (e.g. xrootd, SRM, gridftp) Notes Date last reviewed or updated IPV6 SE transfer test and state
RAL Tier-1 Yes Yes Yes 2001:630:58::/48 Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes Dual stack, Squids, perfSonar, FTS, CVMFS Stratum 1 and CMS UK XRootD redirector. Echo is now fully dual stack (as of Jan 2018). 2018-09-25 Success 16-Oct-2018
UKI-LT2-Brunel Yes Yes Yes ::/64 Yes Yes Not anymore Yes (DPM) No Yes Yes All services are dual stack, including in production: Args, DPM storage, Centos7 BDII, CEs (Arc/HTC) and all worker nodes. We have an experimental pure Ipv6 node.

WLCG IPv6 ticket closed on 2017-11-06

2017-11-07 Success 16-Oct-2018
UKI-LT2-IC-HEP Yes Yes Yes ::/64 Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Most services dual-stack including dCache 2017-11-07 Success 16-Oct-2018
UKI-LT2-QMUL Yes Yes Yes 2a01:56c0:4033::/48 (for grid cluster) Yes Yes No Yes (Storm) Yes two nodes in test with NAT64 Yes dual-stack VLAN which also does jumbo frames. RIPE atlas probe, perfsonar and all grid services (CEs, SEs, xrootd, bdii, argus, squid) available via dual stack. 2018-12-11 Success 16-Oct-2018
UKI-LT2-RHUL Yes Yes Yes 2001:630:113:3::/48 Yes No No Working dual stack perfsonar exists. IT stuck with IPv6 reverse DNS lookup, which is needed for perfsonar mesh participation. 2018-09-18 No
UKI-LT2-UCL-HEP Yes Yes Yes 2001:630:106:1100::/64 Yes No Yes Dual-stack PerfSonar. No storage at site. 2018-11-06 N/A as no storage at site
UKI-NORTHGRID-LANCS-HEP Yes Yes Yes 2001:630:80:2fd::/64 Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes All storage dualstacked, onto squids next. Compute won't be dualstacked in the foreseeable future. 2018-07-09 Success 16-Oct-2018
UKI-NORTHGRID-LIV-HEP Yes Yes Yes 2001:630:21:8d80::/64 Yes No No No Yes No No Addresses used on perfsonar systems; waiting for sign-off for final IPv6 plan from IT services. 2018-07-11 No
UKI-NORTHGRID-MAN-HEP Yes Yes Yes 2001:630:22:1004::/64 Yes Yes (but no reverse lookup yet) No No Yes No Yes The IPv6 subnet may or may not change in the future. Services on IPv6: testbed CREAM CE, IPv6 only GridPP VOMS daemon (voms6.gridpp.ac.uk) 2018-09-18 No
UKI-NORTHGRID-SHEF-HEP Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No The University of Sheffield now has ipv6 enabled. The plan is to start with perfsonar. It will be dual-stack by the middle of November. 2018-10-30 No
UKI-SCOTGRID-DURHAM Yes Yes Yes 2001:630:a5:1200::0/64 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Dual Stack Personar, Nodes and Storage. IPv4 only CE/BDII/ARGUS. 2019-08-16 Yes
UKI-SCOTGRID-ECDF Yes Yes Yes 2001:630:3c1:638::d545,d546 Yes Yes No No Yes No No

Initially we migrated just our storage head nodes to IPv6. This exposed problems with DPM. This was motivated by concerns by our site network team about the path that IPv6 packets left the university and the possibility that they wouldn't be directed through Janet. After being ticketed and discovering the problems with DPM in a mixed state we have reverted our roll out in production back to just IPv4. We have our test storage node and disk node dual stacked for testing and are currently engaged in conversations with our networking team as to when is best to dual-stack our production storage. This is ongoing due to staff holidays as well as a pending major networking intervention later in the year on the site. We have started speaking with the administrators who run the RDF facility about IPv6 and will update once it's clear what the restraints may be over doing this.

2019-03-27 Success 27-03-2019
UKI-SCOTGRID-GLASGOW Yes Yes Yes 2001:630:40:ef::0/64 Yes Yes Yes (left to join Phedex) Yes (DPM) Yes No No Initial introduction to IPv6 for production system, PerfSonar now dual stack, DNS and Reverse DNS confirmed to work and accessible via IPv6. Issues with inbound traffic have stalled progress awaiting Central IT to resolve. 2018-10-9 No
UKI-SOUTHGRID-BHAM-HEP Yes Yes Yes 2001:630:1dc:1100::/56 Yes No No No No No No New IT DNS system in place. Can now request IPv6 DNS names. Plan to get this tested early 2019. 2019-01-22
UKI-SOUTHGRID-BRIS Yes Yes Yes 2001:630:e4:2810::/64 2001:630:e4:2811::/64 Yes Yes No No No Yes-SL7-WN-only Yes IPv6 enabled on WNs. XrootD access fails if WN's IPv6 is not added to DNS or /etc/hosts. 11 Dec 2018 Success 16-Oct-2018 (xrootd only!)
UKI-SOUTHGRID-CAM-HEP Yes Yes Yes 2a05:b400:104:100::/56 Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes New address range in RIPE /32 allocated. IPv6 now enabled on network. PerfSonar dual-stack from 2018-09-21. Storage dual-stack on 2018-11-08 2018-11-08 Success 20-Nov-2018
UKI-SOUTHGRID-OX-HEP Yes Yes Yes 2001:630:441:900::/56 Yes No No Yes No The IPv6 service from the University now runs on new hardware that supports it natively. However they do not provide DNS servies so we're only deploying test systems, no production work is being run over IPv6. Oxford Central IT Services team is looking into it 2018-08-14 No




Yes Yes No No Yes No No New IPv6 Network Configuration working PerfSONAR nodes is dual stack plus 2 test boxes

We deployed IPv6 across dCache on 2018-11-15 but as the IPv6 load through the router ramped up it started dropping packets and had a very long RTT through the router for IPv6 . We rebooted the router on 2018-11-20 which appeared top solve the problem and it looked like everything was working but then overnight it developed the same problem. We have backed out the deployment on the storage and are planning to upgrade the firmware on the router to the latest version next week after which we will try again

2018-11-06 Success 20-Nov-2018
UKI-SOUTHGRID-SUSX Yes Yes Yes Overall UoS range:


Yes Yes No No Yes No (they

are in a private network)

Yes Since the end of August our service nodes, Cream CE, StoRM and Perfsonar, are dual stacked, the ticket was closed accordingly. 2018-09-15 Success 20-Nov-2018

(1) Hosts with AAAA records exist in the public DNS, e.g.

dig AAAA netmon00.grid.hep.ph.ic.ac.uk


netmon00.grid.hep.ph.ic.ac.uk. 300 IN AAAA 2001:630:12:580:207:43ff:fe11:ffb0

(2) Hostnames can be resolved from an external IPv6 only host, i.e. local DNS server has AAAA record, e.g.

dig netmon00.grid.hep.ph.ic.ac.uk


ns0.ic.ac.uk. 86400 IN A

ns0.ic.ac.uk. 300 IN AAAA 2001:630:12:600:1::80