IPv6 WLCG Site Survey

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  1. Is your site already offering connectivity, routing and naming services for IPv6 end systems (i.e. is your site already connected to the worldwide IPv6 network and ready to support IPv6 end systems)?
  2. If so, have you already enabled IPv6 on some of the services you manage? Please provide details on which services are enabled
  3. If your site is not yet IPv6-ready, are there plans for this? If so, what are the timelines?
  4. Does your site currently have problems with allocating a sufficient number of IPv4 addresses? Or foreseen in the near future?
  5. Are there other issues you are aware of? Or interesting work going on in this area?
  6. Any other comments?

Answers by Site

Site Name Date when entered IPv6 connectivity IPv6 enabled services ETA for IPv6 readiness IPv4 exhaustion issues Other issues and related work Comments
NDGF 12.5.2014 Yes, but not to all of site For limited services, not main storage yet About one year No. Storage has plenty, a lot of worker nodes use private networks 3 out of 8 subsites are fully IPv6 connected, the rest are partially or IPv4 only
praguelcg2 14.5.2014 Yes. Many services yes but not all Partially ready now, the rest depends on service providers Yes
UKI-LT2-IC-HEP 14.5.2014 Yes Most services enabled but not dCache storage element Essentially ready now. Storage element should be ready when when dCache v2.9.0 goes into production No