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This page is for monitoring the progress of new(ish) GridPP VOs.

  • PoC - Point of Contact

All new VOs

These tasks will need to be completed for all

Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
VOI-GEN-001 Deploy test software to RVO CernVM-FS repositories. Duncan, Daniela, Gareth, Alessandra, Ewan 2015-05-26 Open N/A New users in the Regional VOs will need to run test jobs using software in the RVO CernVM-FS repositories. This test software will need to be uploaded by the RVO admins. Instructions for doing this can be found here. Tested for (--Daniela)
VOI-GEN-002 Write up the VO registration procedure Tom 2015-05-31 In progress N/A Guide started here - comments and feedback appreciated.


PoC: Jeremy Coles (JC)

  • Update requested February 2016.
  • No response as of 21st March 2016

PoC: Jens Jensen, Brian Davies

Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
VOI-DIRAC-001 Set up VO in GridPP JJ 2015-04-30 Closed
VOI-DIRAC-002 Register DiRAC with EGI JJ 2015-05-31 Closed [1]
VOI-DIRAC-003 Write up DiRAC site setup document LH 2015-08-31 Closed Version 1.3 circulated to DIRAC-USERS
VOI-DIRAC-004 Re-evaluate data packaging method JJ 2015-11-30 Closed 2016-01-31 Lydia re-engineered the packaging, focusing on tar, after extensive testing with GridPP
VOI-DIRAC-005 Restart transfers with new method (VOI-DIRAC-004) LH 2015-12-10 Closed 2016-01-31 Successful large data transfer over new year 2016, slight error in script (leading to some failures) being updated
VOI-DIRAC-006 Get Leicester ready for transfer JJ 2015-11-30 In Progress Currently (March '16) debugging script
VOI-DIRAC-007 Request or requirement for ACL between sites. BD 2015-11-30 In Progress Awaiting to here if it is a request or a requirement to keep data access seperate bewteen DIRAC sites. If needed new voms roles and castor setup may need to be enabled.
VOI-DIRAC-008 Identify next (third) DiRAC site LH 2016-03-22 Open


PoC: Andrew Lahiff (AL)

Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
VOI-EUC-001 Enable /cvmfs/ on RAL worker nodes AL 2016-02-24 Open [2016-04-01] Now works on a test worker node. Unable to deploy changes to all worker nodes due to an issue with Aquilon.
VOI-EUC-002 Setup /cvmfs/ repository CC 2016-02-26 Open
VOI-EUC-003 Setup accounts on RAL UIs AL 2016-02-26 Open Everyone except for Tom have checked and confirmed that they can access the UIs


  • PoC: Tom Whyntie (TW)
  • UCLan: Adam Clarke (AC)
Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
VOI-GAL-001 Assist GalDyn users with CernVM creation and testing. TW 2015-02-18 Closed 2015-02-18 GalDyn users have successfully instantiated CernVMs for accessing the grid.
VOI-GAL-002 Assist GalDyn users with running test jobs on the Imperial DIRAC instance. TW 2015-02-23 Closed 2015-02-23 GalDyn users have successfully run test jobs on the Imperial DIRAC instance via a GridPP CernVM.
VOI-GAL-003 Assist GalDyn users with compiling user software on the CernVM. TW 2015-03-08 Closed 1016-02-15 The code compiles and runs, but needs to be put in a grid/CernVM-FS-friendly format.
VOI-GAL-004 Create the GalDyn CernVM-FS repository TW, CC 2015-05-05 Closed 2015-05-05 New CernVM-FS repository has been created on the RAL Stratum-1 for the GalDyn VO.
VOI-GAL-005 (Re)new grid certificate for AC AC 2015-02-22 Closed 2015-03-15 UK CA managed to renew the old certificate. Work on hold - user preparing for PhD viva!


PoC: Catalin Condurache (CC)
LIGO: Paul Hopkins (PH)
Other people: Andrew Lahiff (AL)

Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
VOI-LIGO-001 Create the LIGO CernVM-FS repository CC 2014-12-01 Closed 2015-02-15 New CernVM-FS repository has been created on the RAL Stratum-1 for the LIGO VO.
VOI-LIGO-002 Assist LIGO users with using Condor + nordugrid to access ARC-CE@RAL. AL, CC 2015-12 Closed 2016-02-12 Test jobs submitted from LIGO Condor instance to ARC-CE service at RAL were successful.
VOI-LIGO-003 Plan to run proper analyses jobs using scientists involvement PH, CC 2016-02-12 Open
VOI-LIGO-004 Get file storage working via the GridPP CernVM. PH, CC 2016-02-24 Closed 2016-03-08 PH managed to get file transfers working with the GridPP CernVM using bridged networking and getting the VM registered on the university network.


PoC: George Ryall (GR), from April 2016 - Alex Dibbo (AD)
21/03/16: LOFAR should be in a posetion to perform an analysis run on a limited number of VMs with real data in the next few weeks. (GR)


PoC: Alessandra Forti (AF)
Other people: Joe Zuntz (JZ), Andy Washbrook (AW), Ewan McMahon (EM), Steve Jones (SJ), Catalin Condurache (CC), Daniela Bauer (DB), Marcus Ebert (ME), Kashif Mohammad (KM), Dan Traynor (DT), Andrew Lahiff (AL), Gareth Roy (GR)

Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Last update Notes
VOI-LSST-001 Ganga direct job submission using Northgrid AF, JZ 2015-01-31 Closed 2015-12-11 Do direct job submission testing using northgrid infrastructure and ganga
VOI-LSST-002 Get European users on the LSST VOMS server at FNAL AF, JZ 2015-02-28 Closed 2015-12-11
VOI-LSST-003 Enable LSST at sites AF, AW, EM, SJ 2015-06-30 Closed 2015-12-11 Get the correct configuration. Sites get the info from Operations portal which has some obsolete information about VOMS. We should ask to fix it.
VOI-LSST-004 Find which LSST CVMFS stratum0 is usable by us AF 2015-08-10 Closed 2015-12-11 3 instances, in France, OSG and FNAL. Chosen FNAL
VOI-LSST-005 Get the repository at FNAL and replicated at RAL AF, CC 2015-08-25 Closed 2015-12-11 Repository automatically mounted at EGI sites as part of OSG EGI agreement, but was not replicated on any EGI stratum1.

VOI-LSST-006 Run jobs using LSST CVMFS using direct job submission and ganga JZ 2015-09-30 Closed 2015-12-11 Joe uploaded the software and used it to run jobs with direct job submission using lsst VO
VOI-LSST-007 Enable LSST on Dirac AF, DB, AW, EM, SJ 2015-09-30 Closed 2015-12-11 Got the Dirac pilot DN assigned to the pilot role on VOMS, enabled the VO on Dirac, enabled pilot at sites, tested submission and fixed misconfigured sites. JIRA
VOI-LSST-008 Test Ganga Dirac setup AF Closed 2015-12-11 1)

since gfal_util doesn't work instead of debugging it I've started to look into the dirac file catalogue clients, which have better compatiblity chances on top of having the file catalogue. See VO-LSST-014

VOI-LSST-009 voms-proxy-init EMI-3 not working AF, DB Closed 2015-04-05 FNAL upgraded the VOMS to a EMI-3 clients compatible version. Ticket closed. Ticket for VOMS developers: closed.
VOI-LSST-010 Update the Operations portal with correct VOMS info AF Closed 2015-01-05 LSST US managers added voms1 and voms2 to the ops portal.
VOI-LSST-011 Long lived proxies AF Closed 2016-04-05 Ticket with FNAL RITM0302478 was closed after we moved to dirac and we could run jobs longer than 24h with the renwal mechanism.
VOI-LSST-012 Check with NERSC how to use gridftp, authentication and authorisation mechanisms JZ, ME, AF Closed 2015-01-11 NERSC account required to do the transfers. Marcus has now an account.
VOI-LSST-013 Test gridtp transfers with NERSC JZ, ME Closed 2015-01-25 Data copied from NERSC with globus-url-copy
VOI-LSST-014 Investigate Dirac file catalogue usage AF, JZ Closed 2016-02-22
More info in!topic/diracgrid-forum/sclcLrQBPFY.
Files transferred to Manchester with correct directory naming scheme is working. See VOI-LSST-015.
VOI-LSST-015 Spread the LSST data on different sites AF In progress 2016-02-09
All data on a test SE instance for 20,000 foreseen jobs. Currently only 3 SEs (Ed, Man, Liv) enabled and mostly on older hardware. Replication will also allow to solve the registration problem by copying to a subdirectory <storage_path>/lsst/lsst. First leg of the distribution done. All files copied to Manchester.
VOI-LSST-016 Move to use gridpp VO because GridPP management requested to run an analysis with any "means possible" AF, JZ, RF, DB, KM Closed 2016-04-05 We went back to LSST and dirac
VOI-LSST-17 Edinburgh LSST data access ME Closed 2016-02-08 The local time out problem with the data access was solved and data is available now for jobs and transfers without timing out
VOI-LSST-18 Adapt Joe's ganga and bash scripts to submit to dirac and use the dirac file catalog clients instead of gfal_utils. AF Closed 2016-04-05 AF adapted Joe's scripts and have been running most of the first part of data. The new data will be processed with a completely revised ganga script after the involvement of ganga developers.
VOI-LSST-19 Run a larger sample of jobs (effectively 2500) AF, JZ In progress 2016-04-05 we decided AF will finish off this production. JZ will take over with the new ganga tools. Ticket for this
VOI-LSST-20 Implement JZ workflow in plain dirac cli ME In Progress 2016-03-01 dirac cli is implemented in scripts and usable for job submission and getting OutputSandbox using a given input file list, a test running over 1000 input files was successful, needs to be tested for overall analysis usage by JZ
VOI-LSST-21 Copy new data from NERSC to one of the storage elements and register them in the DFC JZ, AF In Progress 2016-04-05 Data have been copied to Liverpoool, haven't been registered yet.
VOI-LSST-22 Test gfal and dirac utils on NERSC ME, JZ Open 2016-04-05
VOI-LSST-23 Enable LSST at RAL, QMUL, Glasgow AF, DT, AL, GR In progress 2016-04-05 Tickets opened for sites:


PoC: David Colling (DC)

All Monte Carlo for the TDR was generated using Dirac and shell scripts. Only a few extra TDR jobs being run to fix holes. After TDR next step is to have full gaudi simulations.

LZ has been successfully running large scale simulations at Imperial.
Currently the following CEs are enabled for LZ, but anything apart from Imperial needs testing (and Sheffield needs pilot roles):


  • PoC: Mark Slater/Matt Williams (MS/MW)
  • End User: Tony Price (TP)
  • Update requested 3rd Feb., 19th Feb. 2016 by TW. TP replied 2016-03-21 - they have been busy building the actual device!
Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
VOI-PRA-001 Get PRaVDA up and running with DIRAC and Ganga. MS/MW 2015-10-01 Closed 2016-03-21 TP has successfully got simulations running using DIRAC and Ganga.
VOI-PRA-002 Issues with DIRAC, Ganga and LFN names when copying data back. MS/MW 2015-03-21 In progress MS/MW assisting on the Ganga side.


  • PoC: Pete Gronbech (PG)
  • SNO+: Matthew Mottram (MM)
Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Last update Notes
VOI-SNO+-001 Check on progress via GridPP-Support list. PG 2016-02-17 Closed 2016-03-10 See VOI-SNO+-003 - success, closing this for now.
VOI-SNO+-002 MM to join GridPP Storage meeting PG 2016-02-24 Closed 2016-02-24 MM joined the meeting to discuss requirements and various options. See minutes.
VOI-SNO+-003 MM to transfer files out of the SNO+ cavern via an FTP server. PG 2016-02-17 Closed 2016-03-10 Success after fantastic support/discussion on the GRIDPP-SUPPORT mailing list.


  • PoC: Pete Gronbech (PG)
  • SuperNEMO: Ben Morgan (BM)
Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Last update Notes
VOI-SuperNEMO-001 Check on progress via GridPP-Support list PG 2016-02-17 On going 2016-02-17
VOI-SuperNEMO-002 Resurrect the SuperNEMO VO. PG 2016-02-17 Open 2016-03-22
VOI-SuperNEMO-003 Establish the feasibility of using the Ganga interface to the Atlas Metadata Interface (AMI) PG, MS 2016-02-24 On going 2016-03-22


PoC: Jeremy Coles (JC)

  • Update requested February 2016.
  • Update 21st March: "Hoping to do more with the gridpp resources".
    • Preliminary result in conference proceedings - "Investigating Some Technical Improvements to Glueball Calculations" e-Print: arXiv:1511.09303.