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This page is for monitoring the progress of new(ish) GridPP VOs.

  • PoC - Point of Contact

All new VOs

These tasks will need to be completed for all

Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
VOI-GEN-001 Deploy test software to RVO CernVM-FS repositories. Duncan, Daniela, Gareth, Alessandra, Ewan 2015-05-26 Open N/A New users in the Regional VOs will need to run test jobs using software in the RVO CernVM-FS repositories. This test software will need to be uploaded by the RVO admins. Instructions for doing this can be found here.
VOI-GEN-002 Write up the VO registration procedure Tom 2015-05-31 In progress N/A Guide started here - comments and feedback appreciated.


PoC: Jeremy Coles (JC)


PoC: Jens Jensen, Brian Davies

Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
VOI-DIRAC-001 Set up VO in GridPP JJ 2015-04-30 Closed
VOI-DIRAC-002 Register DiRAC with EGI JJ 2015-05-31 Closed [1]
VOI-DIRAC-003 Write up DiRAC site setup document LH 2015-08-31 Closed Version 1.3 circulated to DIRAC-USERS
VOI-DIRAC-004 Re-evaluate data packaging method JJ 2015-11-30 In Progress Need a new method. Sam contributing.
VOI-DIRAC-005 Restart transfers with new method (VOI-DIRAC-004) LH 2015-12-10 Open
VOI-DIRAC-006 Get Leicester ready for transfer JJ 2015-11-30 In Progress Leicester now have certificates again. Need to await solution to VO-DIRAC-004


PoC: Tom Whyntie (TW)

Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
VOI-GAL-001 Assist GalDyn users with CernVM creation and testing. TW 2015-02-18 Closed 2015-02-18 GalDyn users have successfully instantiated CernVMs for accessing the grid.
VOI-GAL-002 Assist GalDyn users with running test jobs on the Imperial DIRAC instance. TW 2015-02-23 Closed 2015-02-23 GalDyn users have successfully run test jobs on the Imperial DIRAC instance via a GridPP CernVM.
VOI-GAL-003 Assist GalDyn users with compiling user software on the CernVM. TW 2015-03-05 In progress The code compiles and runs, but needs to be put in a grid/CernVM-FS-friendly format.
VOI-GAL-004 Create the GalDyn CernVM-FS repository TW, CC 2015-05-05 Closed 2015-05-05 New CernVM-FS repository has been created on the RAL Stratum-1 for the GalDyn VO.


PoC: Catalin Condurache? (CC)


PoC: George Ryall (GR)


PoC: Alessandra Forti (AF)

|-style="background:#7C8AAF;color:white" !Action ID !Action description !Owner !Target date !Status !Date closed !Notes

|- |VOI-LSST-001 |Ganga direct job submission using Northgrid |AF, JZ |2015-01-31 |Closed |2015-12-11 |Do direct job submission testing using northgrid infrastructure and ganga

|- |VOI-LSST-002 |Get European users on the LSST VOMS server at FNAL |AF, JZ |2015-02-28 |Closed |2015-12-11 |Do direct job submission testing

|- |VOI-LSST-003 |Enable LSST at sites |AF, AW, EM, SJ |2015-06-30 |Closed |2015-12-11 |Do direct job submission testing

|- |VOI-LSST-004 |Find which LSST CVMFS stratum0 is usable by us |AF |2015-08-10 |Closed |2015-12-11 |3 instances, in France, OSG and FNAL. Chosen FNAL

|- |VOI-LSST-005 |Get the repository at FNAL and replicated at RAL |AF, JZ, CC |2015-08-25 |Closed |2015-12-11 |Repository automatically mounted at EGI sites as part of OSG EGI agreement, but was not replicated on any EGI stratum1.

|- |VOI-LSST-006 |Run jobs using LSST CVMFS using direct job submission and ganga |JZ |2015-09-30 |Closed |2015-12-11 |Joe uploaded the software and used it to run jobs using northgrid

|- |VOI-LSST-007 |Enable LSST on Dirac |AF, DB, AW, EM, SJ |2015-09-30 |Closed |2015-12-11 |Got the Dirac pilot DN assigned to the pilot role on VOMS, enabled the VO on Dirac, enabled pilot at sites, tested submission and fixed misconfigured sites. JIRA

|- |VOI-LSST-008 |Test Ganga Dirac setup |AF | |In progress |2015-12-11 |

|- |VOI-LSST-009 |voms-proxy-init EMI-3 not working |AF, DB | |In progress |2015-12-11 |There is a ticket open. Last action is on FNAL to upgrade to the latest VOMS version available in OSG

|- |VOI-LSST-010 |Update the Operations portal with correct VOMS info |AF | |In progress |2015-12-11 |Helene Cordier not a manager anymore. LSST US managers looking into it, problems with certificates though as they haven't updated the card in a long time.

|- |VOI-LSST-011 |Long lived proxies |AF | |In progress |2015-12-11 |Understand how LHC experiments do it, understand how dirac does it, test jobs longer than a day with dirac, talk to FNAL about longer proxies. Ticket with FNAL RITM0302478

|- |VOI-LSST-012 |Check with NERSC how to use gridftp, authentication and authorisation mechanisms |JZ, ME, AF | |In progress |2015-12-11 |Some data are at NERSC which seem to support gridftp transfers


PoC: David Colling (DC)


PoC: Mark Slater/ Matt Williams (MS/MW)


PoC: Jeremy Coles (JC)