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GridPP Cloud Group - Terms-of-Reference

The high-level goals of the GridPP Cloud group are to make sufficient progress in all the areas below that decisions can be made in 12 months time about the role of cloud solutions in GridPP’s infrastructure. It is recognised that this work must share existing effort, so careful use must be made of existing information and experience within the team and draw upon the results of existing/previous cloud-related projects. In particular, the work should be coordinated with the UK NGI and EGI where useful.

1) To gain experience of (various) cloud technologies at a site level and then share that experience. This should be closely linked to and draw upon existing work in this field, particularly the EGI Federated Cloud task-force and its testbed (such work needs to be understood within the GridPP context).
2) Understand the technical and non-technical challenges of using and integrating clouds (including storage/data access and security).
3) Work with at least two LHC experiments to demonstrate use of the (initial test) cloud deployments and document the associated concerns and issues.
4) Federate cloud deployments across sites (including integration of provision, different technologies, accounting etc.).
5) Provide a production usable service making use of cloud resources for GridPP.

Mode of Operation:
The GridPP cloud group will be lead by the GridPP Technical Coordinator (Dave Colling). Group members will include an appropriately active member from each of the three LHC experiments; somebody from the Storage Group; somebody involved in cloud-developments at RAL; somebody representing non-GridPP cloud interests from the UK NGI; and others as identified by the group leader. The cloud group will meet on a regular (at least monthly); establish milestones; and monitor progress. The GridPP Technical coordinator will report to the GridPP PMB on progress on a monthly basis; to that end, a standing item will be added for the first PMB meeting of each calendar month.

The output of the cloud project should be a well grounded plan (including documented assessments where decisions need to be made) on how GridPP could make use of cloud technology in 2015 and beyond. In addition, there should at least be a demonstration facility, if not a production service, available to multiple VOs.