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Images available for use

Assuming a valid set of credentials are in use, users can see the current list of registered images with the following command:

nova image-list



for the Nova and EC2 APIs, respectively.

During the current testing phase, the standard Cirros image and various other testing images, including some for CMS and some based on CernVM for ATLAS are available. Please address requests for images to GridPP Cloud admins.

List of VM images
Image Name EC2 ID Comment
cirros-0.3.1 ami-00000007 Minimal image used for testing
c63-test-1 ami-00000003 CentOS 6.3 image

Tools for creating images

The images for CMS testing were created with Boxgrinder, a Ruby tool that takes a text file defining the VM and builds it using libguestfs. The templates at glideinWMS-cloud were adapted for use with UK resources.

Boxgrinder seems to be deprecated now by Red Hat, in favour of other tools such as Oz, so it's not being updated. Various package conflicts mean it doesn't run under Fedora 18, so I've created a Fedora 17 VM for this purpose. It also clashes with the newest versions of augeas-libs, which need to be kept at pre-1.x. In time I shall convert the existing templates to the Oz format.

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