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  • Using all 3 NAT gateways?
  • Update installer to sqlite?

Install Process


  • New all singing/dancing passwd/shadow file generator?
  • Integrated control of gridmap-local file?
  • Email - exim passing to svr031 (and svr031 accepting?)
  • MCE error logs - mcelog RPM
  • Tier3: Integration with PPE systems?
    • Need to harmonise UIDs/GIDs for PPE users (automate via cfengine?)
  • Advertise new environment in BDII (rerun YAIM on CE?)


  • Fix ngs configuration
    • Deny access to svr020
    • Reconfigure for ngs.ac.uk VO name
  • Enable new VOs
  • Check LHC VO issues
    • ATLAS (see above links)
    • LHCb


  • Install nodes with SL4 x86_64
  • Reserve nodes in maui
    • Run test jobs...


  • Test SL4 UI for them?