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The research directory of NIKHEF urged us to have less boards and committees!

Security (and Other) Policies

Dave Kelsey outlined updated policy documents.

Operational Security

Romain discussed how the security group has operated in EGEE and will now operate in EGI. No major changes envisaged to what's perceived as a working model.


Parameter Passing

This has been tested and works in torque. There will be an optional RPM which can be installed. Support for LSF and SGE is being worked on.

ATLAS Testing

Problems with job lease (being fixed by condor team) and gridftp overload (solution proposed by cream + condor teams).

CMS Testing

Testing through WMS submission. Some problems with bugs in ICE meant that CREAM CEs need to be masked, but now back.

CREAM Updates

New version (1.6) now certified. This has SGE support from CESGA/LIP. N.B. Parallel wms version 3.2.14 with better ICE component provides the best pairing.

CREAM 1.7 will have ARGUS plugins.

Tier-1 Service Co-ordination Meeting

Has been very useful for T1s to bring together issues (DB, FTS, etc.). Meetings are held strictly on the agenda times (!) allowing people to join when their is an item of particular interest.


A report from the Dutch BiG Grid virtualisation project was given. Trying to remain technology neutral, but experimenting particularly with Nimbus and Open Nebula as VM manager layer. Early tests show a technically functioning solution, however issues of trust of VM images remain unsolved ("political" problem). This development may impact on, e.g., glexec sandboxing user payload. No involvement from HEP VOs at this stage.

Middleware Update

Usual litany of upgrades:

  • New WMS talks nicer to CREAM.
  • DPM 1.7.3 has tunable rfio buffers, updated xrootd plugin.
  • gridftp only endpoints will be supported in FTS 2.2.4.
  • There will be a new GPG key used to sign gLite RPMs (the old one has expired). You need both!
  • glexec seems only to be installed at 11 sites (CEs?). OPS test only working at Glasgow and NIKHEF.
  • Volunteer effort to package gLite into community repositories is welcome, but has caused problems.

MUPJ and glexec

Re. Maarten's slides: Please note that contrary to what is in the slides ATLAS are happy to try to test glexec in log only mode.

SCAS vs. ARGUS: although the software is released to production some sites were reporting problems. No clear indication of what direction is best, however, no sense that SCAS will be deprecated quickly even if ARGUS works.


Installed capacity: "Please can we have a machine-readable URL to verify our data in WLCG."