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This is a Wiki area to track deployment issues

Issue ID prefix Status
D = From Deployment team meeting Open = Issue has been created
O = From monthly Operations meeting Progress = Issue has been raised to relevant party
BR = Created by Buck Rogers Resolved = Issue has been resolved

Deployment issues log
Issue ID Issue description Level Affected area Date raised Status Date closed Notes
JC051111-1 Uncertainty over next release date EGEE/LCG Release 11-11-05 Open We are moving towards a period of uncertainty - continuous releases. The team lacks information to know how to deal with this most effectively.
JC051111-2 Lack of requirements for SC4 throughput tests GridPP Fabric 11-11-05 Open We need to better define how much disk space should be available for SC4 throughput preparations
D051111-1 There are no defined procedures to ensure VOs remove data from a site when requested to clear disks EGEE/LCG Operations 11-11-05 Open
D060711-1 Identifying specific monitors to help pick up site problems and resolve them before jobs fail. GridPP Operations 11-07-06 Open Effort going in to Nagios Plugins. May need to identify most common issues and finger effort to resolve them if no plugins exist.
D-060815-4 Plan for improving site downtime coordination dteam Operations 2006-09-19 Open    

Required procedures, processes and documentation
Issue ID Issue description Level Affected area Date raised Status Date closed Notes
JC061026-1 Wiki or web entry describing the changing of a site name DTEAM UKI-ROC web-site/GridPP wiki 26-10-06 Open One reference
JC061026-2 Confirm site joining process DTEAM Fabric 26-10-06 Open
JC061220-1 No clear method for users to be informed about "at risk" services. Requires a web-page summary of current status and known problems DTEAM Process/information Open

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