Delegating Proxies to ARC CEs

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In the case where automatic proxy delegation from a myproxy server to an ARC CE (via WMS) is not possible, users can delegate credentials direct from their UI using the following script:


# simple bash script to renew job proxies on ARC CEs
# put it in your crontab


for CE in ${CEs[@]}; do
    arcsync -c ${CE} -f

    # only renew running or queued jobs
    for status in Q R; do 
	arcrenew -c ${CE} -s INLRMS:${status}

    # clean failed or deleted jobs
    for status in DELETED FAILED; do 
	arcclean -c ${CE} -s INLRMS:${status}

Naturally one can envisage different ways of populating the list of CEs, this is left as an exercise for the user.