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The DUNE experiment and DUNE Wiki.

DUNE in the UK

GridPP point of contact: Andrew McNab, Steve Jones, Raja Nandakumar

Please contact Raja and Steve if you want to participate in the testing of job submission or storage for DUNE.

Mailing list: DUNE-UK-COMP@jiscmail.ac.uk (join in the usual way or ask Andrew)

For our US Collaborators: The nitty-gritty: How does GridPP work in daily life ?

Supporting DUNE job submission

DUNE uses glideinWMS at FNAL and so should be able to support the same range of site types as CMS. It already working in production using CREAM CEs and is being tested with ARC CEs.

Details of the DUNE VO are in the GridPP Approve VOs list, and an RPM exists to install it. DUNE uses the CILogon OSG CA for production job submission, but some testing is done with user certificates from the CILogon Basic CA (these are normally hidden with the glideinWMS framework from the point of view of the CE.)

Supporting DUNE storage

This is currently being tested in the UK with DPM, dCache, and ECHO.