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The DUNE experiment and DUNE Wiki.

DUNE in the UK

GridPP point of contact: Andrew McNab

Mailing list: dune-uk-comp@cern.ch (join in the usual way or ask Andrew)

Supporting DUNE via GridPP dirac

(Apr 2018: this is being reviewed/updated)

  • To enable DUNE at your site, please enable it according to DUNE config.
  • Please don't forget to enable the pilot role.
  • If you want to test your site, please email Simon and Daniela at Imperial.
  • At the moment DUNE does not request storage at the sites they run. They currently use storage at Sheffield with a minor outpost at Imperial
  • If the accounting data are to be believed, we have so far run one million DUNE jobs in the UK :-) (May 2017)

Supporting DUNE via the Fermilab ITB

(Apr 2018: this is being reviewed/updated)

  • DUNE might contact your site, or failing that, please contact Ken Herner at Fermilab.
  • DUNE will usually request 8 core jobs. At Imperial we are running DUNE as single core jobs, as they are currently mainly running single core jobs within their 8 core slots and this model has proven very inefficient when used by CMS. Which configuration is run is obviously a site decision.
  • Some DUNE users will use proxies issued by cilogon-basic, this is not a proper CA (details in the ticket below if you are interested). For all practical purposes this means glexec will not work and should be turned off on the factory side.
  • Here is the Imperial OSG ticket, where most of these issues are discussed.