DPM upgrade at Oxford

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Upgrade and migrate DPM Head node from one SL6 physical server to another Centos7 server keeping the same hostname (t2se01 in our case)


After the start of the GOCDB downtime, stopped all DPM related services on head node and pool nodes. Used netstat to confirm that there is no live connection to any pool node.

Run the final backup of mysql database on the old headnode

  /usr/bin/mysqldump --user=$mysql_user --password=$mysql_pw --opt --all-databases --single-transaction | gzip -c > mysql-dump-final.sql.gz

Changed the name of the old headnode from t2se01 to t2se01tmp in DNS and DHCP server

New DPM head node

Installed the new machine as t2se01.

Setup mysql (MariaDB) using local puppet

   cat mysql.pp
   $mysql_root_pass   = "****"
   $db_user           = "dpmmgr"
   $db_pass           = "****"
   $db_host           = "localhost"
   $override_options = {
   'mysqld' => {
   'max_connections'    => '1000',
   'query_cache_size'   => '256M',
   'query_cache_limit'  => '1MB',
   'innodb_flush_method' => 'O_DIRECT',
   'innodb_buffer_pool_size' => '1000000000',
   service_enabled => true,
   root_password   => "${mysql_root_pass}",
   override_options  => $override_options

Run puppet locally to setup mysql

   uppet apply mysql.pp 

Load old mysql backup database to new db

   mysql –u root –p < mysql-dump-final.sql

It is required to update tables as mysql version has changed

  mysql_upgrade --upgrade-system-tables

It is worth logging into DB and compare some data from old one

Install dpm puppet modules from puppet forge on the DPM head node

  puppet module install lcgdm-gridftp
  puppet module install lcgdm-xrootd
  puppet module install lcgdm-voms
  puppet module install puppetlabs-mysql --version=3.4
  puppet module install lcgdm-dmlite
  puppet module install lcgdm-lcgdm
  puppet module install CERNOps-bdii
  puppet module install saz-memcached
  puppet module install erwbgy-limits
  puppet module install puppet-fetchcrl

Run puppet with final dpm manifests. Our dpm manifest is here https://gist.github.com/kashif74/499fc3678b82fbcab2229b8bbec9188e

  puppet apply dpm.pp