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The GridPP DIRAC SAM tests are run several times a day to verify that sites are able to run DIRAC payload jobs from the GridPP DIRAC service.

The system is very simple:

  • jobs are submitted to a list of DIRAC sites from a cron job on lxplus at CERN every 6 hours
  • a script on the GridPP web server is contacted to record that a SAM job has been submitted
  • hopefully the payload job is retrieved by the JobAgent on a worker node or VM and run
  • the job contacts the web server script to record that the job has run successfully
  • jobs which remain in the DIRAC Waiting state for more than 48 hours are deleted

The results of SAM jobs are visible on the GridPP web server: http://www.gridpp.ac.uk/php/gridpp-dirac-sam.php?action=view